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Submission for Events

Please use the following form to submit your event.

Take a look at the call for participation & papers to get a better idea of the formats,tracks etc at the hillhacks this year.

Find all the submissions oncould the summary!

The three main areas at the bottom will be the main body of the page of your event. Please use normal wikisyntax in those fields if you like (e.g. * for a list). A rough idea of the dates, venue, audience, hours/day etc is fine. You can edit your events page as an when you gain more clarity on these and also e.g. add pictures, links, etc.

Check out calendar (work in progress), venue, workshop and tools to get an idea what surroundings we have - and on what date what happens (e.g. on 23rd October we want to see workshops with lights and self-made firecracks/cannons haha).

After submission you will be directed to this page without the form below. Your submission will be showing up on the summary. You can click on your entry and also make edits there. Please go there and check if everything is okay.

Thanks in advance for contributing to the hillhacks!

  • NOTE: Session is anything apart from a Talk or a Workshop**. It could be a performance, games/contests, outdoor activities, etc.
  • NOTE: The Title will also generate an URL**. You might want to choose a short title here, and edit it afterwards on the generated page (URL will stay the same, once generated).
  • NOTE:** Refer to the about page and the call for papers/participation for details on the different tracks/major themes at hillhacks for this year.
  • Only edit this fieldset if “Other Speakers” is set to “Yes”.

  • Only edit this fieldset if “Tools” is set to “Yes, I need tools”.

  • NOTE:** Refer to tools to see what is available.
  • NOTE**: Check out calendar to get a better idea on dates. If you have **no clue, let the date and time fields be as it is**.
  • NOTE**: Refer to venue for further details.
  • NOTE**: You might want to copy+paste somewhere what you have written in the fields. Just to make sure… using the wiki like this is kind-a experimental ;)
  • IMPORTANT NOTE**: If your browser says something like 'no data received' **use the back-button of your browser**, and click 'submit' again. **Do not reload(!)** as your entries will be lost. Open the summary in a new pad and reload, there you will find your submission. If this is all to much, don't hesitate to contact us <3
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