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Technology framework for learning thinking skills in History

A Technology & Art Talk for General Public [all] by vincentvikram, Aruna S

Dates: 2014-10-24 - 2014-10-24 Venue: Workshop Room


A technological approach to enable learners in large classrooms to grasp a conceptual understanding of History

Main Description

The pedagogy for history teaching uses the approach wherein a prescribed syllabus is provided, a topic is chosen and the content is narrated in the classroom either by the students or the teacher, important points are marked in the textbook and teachers may dictate notes. Students memorise events, dates and people and assessment is based on their recall skills. A refinement to this method would be to employ discussions around events and people, involve the students in activity and assessments that ranged from quiz, role play, narratives around a story, games and visits to places of historical importance. The above mentioned methods do not necessarily attempt to tackle the conceptual understanding of history. Historians and history teachers felt that it was necessary that students obtain conceptual analysis of history, and are able to objectively analyse and explain historical events and processes by examining historical data and artifacts along with the ability to analyse multiple perspectives, cause and effect among other skills. My project tries out a technological approach to teach some of these skills in large classrooms.

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