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Till 18th October

Infinity/Ghoomakad hackbase will be the venue for first few days. There is a big mud hall and a secondary hall is available for doing workshops. Up to 25 people can be accommodated in Ghoomakad or in the neighboring houses of the village. 8mbps connectivity is provided by Vayudoot.

From 19th onwards

Country Lodge is the main venue for Hillhacks conference talks, workshops, and accommodation. It's in Dharamshala itself, walking distance to Kotwali Bazar and down to the post-office bus station.

  • Main Hall: large enough to fit all of us at once - this is where we'll have the big conference presentations
  • Small Halls: two halls for workshops and other sessions
  • Outdoor Spaces: terrace and gardens
  • Accommodation: 55 beds in shared rooms plus tent space. Rooms are first-come-first served, so sign-up before they are gone. For more details, see the Acommodation page

The countrylodge has internet connection via vayudoot (thanks very much to those guys) and there will be some backup from Air Jaldi, too.

Other Places

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