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Creating generative art with Processing

A Technology & Art Workshop for Geeks [all] by Aruna Sankaranarayanan (arunasank),

Dates: 2014-10-24 - 2014-10-24 Venue: Main Hall


Processing is a tool that can be used to create generative art. This means that you can algorithmically create great pieces of art, and also export your art so that it's available on the web, on Android and several other platforms. With the JS port of Processing, called Processing.js, you can use the power of Processing with your web applications.

Main Description

The session is a hands on session on Processing. It shall take the users through the basics of graphical programming and introduce them to one of the easiest tools to create art and simple 2D graphical applications, called Processing.

Introduction to Processing Hands on introduction to the various things that can be done with Processing. Building a small application using Processing. More cool things that can be done with Processing. A small start to building applications with Processing and GTK.

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