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get to know sugarlabs

A Mindful & Caring Usage Workshop for Geeks [all] by sva, you?

Dates: 2014-10-12 - 2014-10-12 Venue: Workshop Room


Lets sit together and get familiar with sugarlabs ourselfs, so that we can teach it to the kids in the future.

Main Description

Having some kids around would be helpful, too, I guess.

Sugarlabs is the operating system used at the OLPCs:

“… collaborative learning through Sugar Activities that encourage critical thinking, the heart of a quality education.” Based on Fedora.

If focuses on kids below 14 it seems, with the concept of the “activity”. Looks great!

a friend from Germany checked out sugarlabs, I translate/summarize what he wrote me (someone can also make a wikientry on this, e.g. on /tools or /tools/software, anyone?). The translation might be improveable, hope everything can be understood.

“its a good thing because… - Open Source - PC doesnt need much power - System on a stick possible - different languages - a lot applications that would usually just come with more sophisticated systems - no costs

Seems to make just sense if no other platforms are used already.

Useful to lead kids on a playful way to computing, without letting them fall directly into the MS world. Enviroment for creative and collaborative work, but the teacher also has options for learning curve control. Also nice: can be used at home or at school, cause one doesnt need internet necessarily. But: one needs to have a computer, a tablet or such doesnt work. Net-based systems (moodle etc) would work on a tablet, but need internet.

Pros and cons. A typical school teacher has to consider that he also has to work with elder kids, and most probably cannot afford the time to get knowledge of this system in addition”.

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