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GIT Version Control System

A Technology & Art Workshop for All [all] by Jeyanthan I, Not sure yet

Dates: 2014-10-26 - 2014-10-26 Venue: Workshop Room


This course is for programmers who are interested in learning how to use the git version control system.

The workshop focused on version control, which is a common tool used by software developers to keep track of changes in code or documents. Git is an immensely popular distributed version control system used to manage numerous open source projects, including the Linux kernel.

The course will quickly skim over the “common” version control commands that most people are familiar with and then dive into the repository and its format to make students aware of what goes on beneath the hood. This will make them comfortable using the system.

The course dives into daily use and gets more advanced as it proceeds. We will cover basic usage, architecture, the branching model and some workflow concepts.

Main Description

Introduction: to version control systems in general and git in particular. Basics: commands to get comfortable with simple version control operations. Architecture: deep dive into the architecture of git, its storage system, implementation and the concept of “objects” and “references”. Branching and Merging: discusses branches and how to use them. This section covers branch operations like merging and rebasing. We will also cover merge conflicts and how to resolve them effectively. Collaboration and workflows: introduces the idea of remotes and how they are used to publish code. Fetch and push commits from different users, handle real life merging scenarios and collaboration between users. The instructor will demonstrate and discuss some common workflows used in organisations that use git.

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