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"Maru" LED Hula Hoop: Build and Perform:Workshop

A Technology & Art Workshop for the General Public [all] by Tink

Dates: 2014-10-17 - 2014-10-23 Venue: Workshop Room

  • Abstract**

Dance with an LED hula hoop you build yourself and perform as a group at the Diwali party.

  • Main Description**

MARU hoops are wirelessly controlled to allow sophisticated light choreography. Build a hoop, sequence it, and learn to hoopdance. We will rehearse daily for a Diwali performance.

Watch this video to see what Maru does!

Limited to 10 participants. Adults and children age 12 and up. Dance experience not required.

Day 1, we'll build LED hula hoops based on Akiba's MARU board. This includes assembling the board, LED ribbon, and the battery power system, and creating the hoop connection. (~4 hours)

Day 2, we'll sequence the hoops using a program called Vixen. We will work together to create a choreography combining music with the color and pattern of the LEDS, as well as time, space and our bodies. (~3 hours)

Day 3, we'll refine the choreography and finish the sequencing. (~3 hours)

The rest of the time, we'll rehearse (less than an hour a day) and on Diwali we will perform!

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