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Mozilla Userability, Webmaker and Firefox OS

A Technology & Art Workshop for Kids [5-11] by Akshat/Diwanshi/Haseeb,

Dates: 2014-10-17 - 2014-10-17 Venue: Outside


   Paper prototyping
   Whole Usability Teaching - Diwanshi and Akshat 
   Audience: People accustomed to Windows and other proprietary software. Basic knowledge of using a computer.
   Logistics: Post it notes, pen/pencils, laptops.
   Duration: 2 to 3 hours with follow up on coming days.
   Session Description: 
   Here we will focus on testing the user interface for open source projects like Firefox OS, Ubuntu, Libre Office.
   Feedback for what they liked and what they didnt.
   Feedback on how they would like it and engage them in coming up with a better solution. Drawings will be appreciated.
   Webmaker Workshops  - Diwanshi
   Audience- Kangra Polytechnic students
   Logistics- Wi-fi , Projector, Papers(A4 Size) and Pens/pencils, POst its
   Description:   Audience would be learning about basic internet, How it works then   basic HTML web page making and video making through Webmaker tools.  Also  paper prototyping of thimble
   Duration: 2 hours
   Contributing to Mozilla, A non-developers guide by Akshat Kedia
   Audience: Open Source Inclined Non-technical folks. 
   Logistics: Wi-fi, Projector, Laptops
   What is the session about. Outcomes and Learnings:
   Mozilla and it's various non-code contribution areas. 
   Why should you get invoved with open source projects ?
   L10N, Quality Assuarance, Advocacy, et cetera
   Learning the Toolkits.
   Duration: 1 hour.

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