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Mozilla WebMaker

A Technology & Art Workshop for General Public [all] by Akshat/Diwanshi/Haseeb,

Dates: 2014-10-16 - 2014-10-16 Venue: Main Hall


Awareness about Women in Mozilla and Open Source. Also about OPW(Outreach Program for Women) internship platform for college students.

Main Description

   Webmaker Workshops (with ladies) - Diwanshi
   Audience- Women from Jagori Institute
   Logistics- Wi-fi , Projector, Papers(A4 Size) and Pens/pencils, POst its
   Description:  Audience would be learning about basic internet, How it works then  basic HTML web page making and video making through Webmaker tools. Also  paper prototyping of thimble
   Duration: 1 day
   Teching kits: (best to explain webmaker in simple words)
   Womoz and OPW(outreach program for(If age group > 16) by Diwanshi Pandey
   Audience: Women of age group 16+ (Men are also Welcome)
   Duration: 30 minutes
   Logistics: WIfi, Projector

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