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A Technology & Art Workshop for All [all] by K.M.Lo,

Dates: 2014-10-26 - 2014-10-26 Venue: Workshop Room


TUK TUK CINEMA is a one man band project by K.M.Lo, a technomad, trainer and filmmaker, he uses simple, direct and fun film workshops to demystify cinema art and film education,it's a day time film school and night time open air cinema to show the public what they can be achieved in a short period to create film and self generated entertainment in their own community, blending technology and art to create happiness and chnage the world.

Main Description

Tuk Tuk CINEMA A mobile film school by day and open air cinema by night, build on a Tuk Tuk to train young folks in the developing world to become film professionals, self-generated entertainment/cultural events to bring happiness to the community, and eventually improve their life.

K.M.Lo,a technomad, trainer and  filmmaker interacting with local people in the developing world. Trying to change the world in a practical way. How he uses fun and a simple workshop to bring happiness to people,and let them learn a skill to improve their lives. 
He uses minimal means to conduct film education, demystifying the cinema art and craft , practical use of know how in micro-budget film-making to inspire people. The “Don Quixote” of cinema, virtually using minimal resources to complete his film odyssey, from idea to film and final screening, at the same time addressing social issues and a message to change the world.

About K.M.Lo of Hong Kong/Singapore, as a poor kid in Hong Kong, inspiration from his mother to become effective and be minimal to overcome limitations, another interpretation and implementation of “Jeet Kun Do” of Bruce Lee, and  how the new wave cinema of Hong Kong influenced him to use today's guerrilla film-making techniques in developing countries as a micro-budget film production base. He is a “tech-nomad” filmmaker, a trainer into mobile cinema/training workshop on a Tuk Tuk (auto rickshaw/tricycle). Going to developing countries to use his unique cinema workshop to motivate and train young folks to make film that acts as a “way” to learn about happiness and fun in film education.  In the daytime, it's a training center to make Hong Kong-style action/zombie/low tech sci-fi film providing specific training such as special makeup, chroma key, virtual studio setting and also a documentary about life with young folks /kids, how they learn and make use of know how. The thinking behind the concept is simple: young folks/kids have been told to study hard and not enough motivation for them to have fun and same time learn something about cinema art and create hapiness. by participating in the workshops,they have a practical periences of learning by doing and oing by learning,it;s a fun process by itself, they also create self-generated entertainment content. Using a Hong Kong model of guerrilla film making technique to enable them to become story-tellers.

At night the Tuk-Tuk is transformed into an open air cinema for cultural events and entertainment. The public in the local community as well as to international film circles will see the trainees' efforts to improve themselves and as pioneer training project of local film industry. It also becomes a cultural event for the community.

“Bring back happiness to the people. learning in life with fun.” That is the message.

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