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Submission for Main Conference

Please use the form below to submit your event.

  • If this is too much for you, you can also submit directly on email.
  • **The Title will also generate an URL**. You might want to choose a short title here (for now), and then edit it afterwards on the generated page (the URL will stay the same, once generated).“
  • “Session” is anything other than a Talk or a Workshop. It could be a performance, games/contests, outdoor activities, etc.”
  • **The three main areas at the bottom will be the main body of your event-page**. Please use normal wikisyntax in those fields, if you like (e.g. use * for a list).
  • A rough idea of the dates, venue, audience, hours/day etc is fine for now. You can edit your event-page when you gain more clarity on these and also e.g. add pictures, links, etc anytime.

After submission you will be directed to this page without the form below. Your submission will appear on the **summary**. There you can click on your entry, and also make edits there anytime in the future. Please go right ahead and check if everything is as you wanted to have it. Don't hesitate to contact us anytime if you have any questions.

Some background

Take a look at the call for participation & papers 2015 and last year's schedule to get a better idea of what we are up to. Also check out the page participate to get an idea about the frame work we are into. Maybe check out tools to see, what is available for you.

Thanks in advance for contributing to hillhacks!

  • Only edit this fieldset if “Co-presenters” is set to “Yes”.

  • Only edit this fieldset if “Tools” is set to “Yes, I need tools”.

  • IMPORTANT NOTES**: If your browser says something like 'no data received' **use the back-button of your browser**, and click 'submit' again. **Do not reload(!)** as your entries will be lost. Open the summary in a new pad and reload, there you will find your submission. If this is all to much, don't hesitate to contact us <3
  • NOTE**: You might want to copy+paste what you have written in the fields. Just to make sure… using the wiki like this is kind-a experimental ;)
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