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Open Data and Data Visualization

A FlashTalk by Akshay, at Unconference


Talk on what is open data and an introduction to data visualization and why these are important.

Main Description

In the times that we live in we are surrounded by a lot of information and most of it is not as important in the long run. In a sense, it is more of a disinformation overload. It becomes more important to filter out this disinformation and see what the information truly says. The open data movement has been around for some time and while our governments release this data, it is not often in a palatable format. Humans are visual beings and we can infer more from a visual than from text. Visualization of this information or data becomes an important way in which we consume relevant information in these and the coming times.


Hi, I'm a big data and data visualization enthusiast. I'm interested in how the physicality of our spaces and our interactions with people, governments, the internet shape us and these spaces. How there is too much unnecessary information around us and how visualization of this information eases this process. I've studied architecture and am currently pursuing a Masters in Interaction Design from IDC IIT Bombay. Apart from this, I'm like the shy guy you would find staring at his computer in a coffee place. Cheers.

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