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Open Forum: Is hillhack an un-gendered space?

A FlashTalk by CowPriestess, at Unconference


Open Forum: Looking at HillHacks, and by extension hacking as an organism moving towards a certain configuration of ideal, what do we think about male-female identities playing out?

May 25th Hoollah-hoop corner @ Campsite Cow

Main Description

It will be great if some of us can wonder about this together.

i have been mulling about: body in space: does the community accept cultural, social, biological distinctions : man -woman? Space: From - do we need separate ladies loo / room /etc? Is there something called appropriate clothing or acceptable social behavior? Blood: Are the logistic requirements(eg: the most environmentally safe way to dispose waste of the organism) and emotional (and therefore energy) churn on account of female menstrual cycles, a concern of the space? Or a private concern? How do we respond in the event of any kind of aggression - physical, emotional, sexual? we leave it to the parties involved to sort things out? Or get involved?


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