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A FlashTalk by sas3, at Main Conference


Let's face it. Antivirus and Firewall/UTM technologies are over 30 years old. The internet has moved on. But commercial interests are making sure that better protection is available only to the largest of the enterprises at the highest of prices. Some forms of protection are better, but public opinion is carefully constructed by vested interests to ensure they aren't popular.

1. Use of open platforms is a must. Security must evolve more rapidly than one vendor can push. Updates and patches must be more rapid too. Can't do that with closed platforms. 2. Situational Awareness must be built-in. You can't defend well when you can't see well. 3. Radical simplification is essential for effective use of the security products by users. 5 tabs and 80 odd fields to manage a home router? Jeez!

Main Description

Nope, that's it. Just the abstract. :-)


Sastry, Chapter Leader of NULL and OWASP at Chandigarh. CEO, DSD InfoSec (

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