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Title Present TypeNameAbstractEvent Type
netneutralityFlashTalksvaJust a definition + some analogy for you to explain the problem to non-techiesUnconference
street.artFlashTalkandreassome intro in contemporary street artUnconference
lockpickingFlashTalksvasva got plenty of tools with her, so flashtalk wouldbe the best to give an intro - and then directly head over to a lockpicking workshop then :)Unconference
hackerspaces.orgFlashTalksvaShort intro in the resources around hackspaces. Might be also getting into a longer talk, then I will change from flashtalk to talk...Unconference
fosstrFlashTalkdigenFostering Free & Open Source SoftwareUnconference
code.for.creativityFlashTalkRebecca MushtareRebecca Mushtare will discuss how she uses code to spark creativity as a maker/artist as well as how she uses code to spark creativity in her audiences. She will share recent projects as case studies.Unconference
the.indian.maker.movementFlashTalkSahil ThappaThe maker movement in the west has spread to a lot of different areas.Unconference 'Maker Space' works at large organization ? How we started & sustained maker activities at IT company ?Main Conference on what is open data and an introduction to data visualization and why these are important.Unconference Forum: Looking at HillHacks, and by extension hacking as an organism moving towards a certain configuration of ideal, what do we think about male-female identities playing out?Unconference kadyanLearn what goes inside making a persistence of vision display.Unconference's face it. Antivirus and Firewall/UTM technologies are over 30 years old.Main Conference
a_glimpse_into_standup_comedyFlashTalknavaneethFor a couple of months now, I've been performing at Open Mics and while dabbling in this I've had a few insights about the people and the work culture involved in this art form.
biodiversity_informatics_-_data_and_visualizations_for_conservationFlashTalk@@Your Name/Nick@@Biodiversity Informatics is the application of informatics techniques to biodiversity information for improved management, presentation, discovery, exploration and analysis. It typically builds on a foundation of taxonomic, biogeographic, or ecological information stored in digital form, which, with the application of modern computer techniques, can yield new ways to view and analyse existing information, as well as predictive models for information that does not yet exist (see niche modelling).Unconference
waste_management_-_lower_dharamshala_going_downhillFlashTalk@@Your Name/Nick@@Waste Management in Dharamshala area is still at a early stage.Main Conference
teaching_data_science_to_kidsFlashTalk@@Your Name/Nick@@Data Science for Kids is a program which conducts day long workshops for school children and introduces them to thinking quantitatively with the help of numbers and plots. We have conducted 3 workshops in India and one abroad. We upload the curriculum and idea online with the motive that people in various parts of the world conduct their own camps. In this talk I will give a brief introduction to the idea motivation and explain how one can hold a similar workshop.Main Conference
null_security_meetup_-_dharamshala_chapterMeetupPrabhuThe NULL Security Meetup is a regular meetup from NULL - the open security community.Unconference
gala.showSessionTinkThis is culmination of our school program, and also a chance for talented attendees to get up on stage in front of a public audience!
bioethicsSessionUjjwal ThaakarBiohacking raises a bunch of ethical questions unprecedented in the history of mankind. Here we'll have an open debate on the ethics of biohacking and it's profound impact that will drive the future of humanity.Main Conference Shiv SinghWhen Tim Berners-Lee created the World Wide Web in 1989, he revolutionized the way information was technically described. He coined the word "the Semantic Web". "The Semantic Web provides a common framework that allows data to be shared and reused across application, enterprise, and community boundaries".Main Conference Kumar VermaWill be filled by the speaker later.Main Conference
stretching.for.geeksSessionTinkMove your body and learn some stretches to soothe the aches after a long session of coding.Main Conference
build.a.stageSessionTinkLet's put together the stage for the main conference!Unconference
decorate.the.roof.terraceSessionTinkThe tent is in place (again). Now let's make it a nice place to be.Unconference to perform in the gala show, but you're not sure what to do?Unconference
hairhacksSessionTink & TodNeed a haircut? Color? Styling?Unconference
net.neutrality.lets.define.and.discussSessionsvaEveryone is speaking about net neutrality, but what is it? And what do we think about it?Unconference to get to know what movie will be screened. Place your recommendations there, too!Unconference
way.of.javascriptSessionsilv3rTogether we will play with Javascript and learn about its ecosystem for full stack development. We will cover some building blocks, recommended practices, syntactic sugar, libraries and tools, good enough to give beginners an immediate kickstart into JS development.CodeCamp
geek.quizSessionnemoA standard quiz (no googling). 30 questions. 45 minutes. Teams of upto 3.Unconference
osm.trekkingSessiondebanjumOpenStreetMaps TrekkingUnconference
infinity.spaceSessionSilv3rIn the infinite, we make the effort to find ourselvesMain Conference Entertainment by the beachMain Conference
the.whatsapp.economySessionRohini LakshanéThe proliferation of inexpensive mobile devices, data plans and the popularity of mobile applications such as WhatsApp have changed the way the people in developing countries conduct business. The widespread adoption of these services and the alternative uses of platforms such as Facebook have implications for digital security, privacy, net neutrality and the way digital cultures shape up.
the.whatsapp.economySessionRohini LakshanéThe proliferation of inexpensive mobile devices, data plans and the popularity of mobile applications such as WhatsApp have changed the way the people in developing countries conduct business. The widespread adoption of these services and the alternative uses of platforms such as Facebook have implications for digital security, privacy, net neutrality and the way digital cultures shape up.
is_sustaiable_long-distance_travel_possibleSessionMatt ZEvery time a jumbo jet takes off, it's like lighting a petrol station on fire and flying it over the town. Are there good alternatives? When is it ethical to fly?Unconference
a_year_of_co_creating_and_makingSessionSahil ThappaWhere has Co Creation and Making in the past one year led me and others around me.Unconference
himachali_makers_first_stakeholder_movementSessionPaolaA few people from David Huang last year, locals, and people from other parts of India) have expressed an interest in starting the maker spaces in Himachal Pradesh. This first OPEN STAKEHOLDERS MEETING invites everyone to attend and brainstormUnconference
on_learningSession@@Your Name/Nick@@We would like to share our experiences with alternative education and have a discussion about learning in a non structured environmentUnconference introduction to spark. Talking about this wonderful framework to ingest large amounts of data via very simple primitivesMain Conference Place (@cachedout)This will be a fun talk that will review 30 major, minor, silly and amazing scientific discoveries of the past few years.Main Conference is the Indian maker? What does an Indian makerspace do? Why make/DIY at all? Who do we make for?Main Conference do I contribute to "Real World" Software ? The easiest way is contributing to Open Source projects and this talk would mainly deal with the same.Main Conference
fosstrTalkdigenFostering Free & Open Source Software ThaakarBiohacking is a new and fascinating field which explores biology the same way computer hackers of yesteryears explored computing. This talk explains what biohacking is, what are the major issues and concerns surrounding it and why you should care.Main Conference we can harness the power of data science for doing social good?Main Conference
evend.-.behind.the.scenesTalkSanthosh RajuWill be filled by the speaker later.Unconference McEvoyChristopher McEvoy will discuss his creative process related to his current body of mixed media work. This work, drawn from photography and digital manipulation, is coupled with a more organic, hands-on process of transformation and abstraction through painting and collage.Unconference MushtareThis workshop will introduce you to the tools and techniques you need to implement beautiful and useful typography in your next web or screen-based project.Unconference insights( videos, websites, demos on the command line ) showing how the Internet works using Open Source Software.Main Conference
lockpicking.refresherTalkGaurav ChaturvediWill be filled by the speaker later.Unconference Paul / soumUsing vision algorithms, simple audio analysis and sensor + raspberry PI, what are the possibilities?Unconference software is fun and incredibly rewarding. This talk focuses on the various considerations that go into making a great piece of software.Main Conference talk about writing programmes, just not in English.Main Conference introduction to google play services, how to remove Google from your smartphone and what are our alternatives.Main Conference is an open-source, on-device & self-hosted development environment meant to create experimental stuff using android devices.Main Conference
networking.hillhacksTalkdevinHow we put together the hillhacks conference network.Main Conference
hacking.embedded.systemsTalkntavishabout making/breaking embedded systemsMain Conference
history.of.the.internetTalksvaStarting in the late 50-ies, its quite a happening that we ended up with this Internet as we have it today.Unconference calculus is a formal mathematical system which can simulate any physically realizable model of computation. This talk will be a participative introduction to λ-calculus.
the.hackers.way.of.reshaping.policiesTalksva... and how the Germans got a new fundamental right to digital privacy.Unconference WalkerWhat is the "Web"? It is Text. ☞ HTTP: HyperTEXT ... HTML: HyperTEXT ...Unconference
concrete.mattersTalkgaban büllingenbased on the work of the berlin based architect francis keré i want to illustrate the problems and possiblities in building and material culture in general of a (lets put it this way) post colonial soiciety. no matter if it is colonialising itself or still suffering of the past. his work shows what great possibilities lie within the respectful treatment of existing material cultures and its sensitive adaptation towards contemporary needs and implications. WalkerConcepts of web security for developers, using techniques for WordPress as example.Unconference WalkerConcepts of protecting yourself and your friends on the web, and why.Unconference Tech talk into Marketing langugeUnconference
show.your.toolsTalkHauroEveryone uses all sorts of (command line) to make life easier and get things done. The aim of this event is to present/mention your favorite tools so others become aware of them.Unconference Raghavan (Ford_Prefect)If you're curious about how programs on Linux, and particularly the GNOME desktop, play audio on your computer, and what the pieces are, this is the talk for you.Main Conference
braille.for.indian.languages.and.fossTalknirbheekBharati Braille—an Indian standard for Indic language transliteration to Braille and free software support for the same.Main Conference change and its impacts of forest ecosystems and forest-based subsistence livelihoods of the forest users is one of the important discussion points in forestry sector in India. Climate change is causing shifts in the geographical range of the species and their distribution and changing their phenology at faster rates. in order to sustain multiple functions of forests, proactive adaptation strategies are being planned in Himachal Pradesh to reduce the risks from climate change and to enhance the adaptive capacity of the forests. In this endeavor, a project named "HP Forest Ecosystems Climate Proofing Project" is being implemented from the current year in two districts - Kangra and Dharamshala - of Himachal Pradesh. One of the main objectives of the project is to explore the on-going climate adaptive practices of the local communities and to strengthen them through project interventions. In this regard, use of technology in strengthening and sustaining these adaptive practices of people can be of great use. The authors presents their case and looks for technological options from the audience that contribute towards making forests climate resilient as well as enhance the adaptive capacity of the forest-dependent communities.Main Conference
black.magic.and.artificial.intelligenceTalk@fadesinghHistorian of science Compasswallah ( @fadesingh) presents the history of black magic and how it led to the invention of mathematics, mechanical computers, automatons and right up to the dawn of artificial intelligence.Main Conference
the.great.indian.surveillance.paradoxTalkPranesh PrakashThis talk will explore the central contradiction of surveillance in India: great amount of transparency coupled with very little accountability. It will introduce participants to the law and the tech behind state surveillance in India, and will explore the question of whether we should trust the government when it comes to being motivated by citizen interests.Main Conference PrakashIn this talk, Pranesh Prakash of CIS will explain what network economists see as the root causes of net neutrality issues, and why those who approach the issue simply from the perspective of "openness" of the Internet and "innovation" misdiagnose the problem. Further, he will show how complicated human rights analysis of the issue is by looking at past precedents at the Supreme Court.Main Conference of some effects of climate change in the international level: greeenhouse gases and increase in temperature, different impacts and different positions of countries.Main Conference ChatterjeeThis talk delves into the nuances of building a data science team, the kind of people you need, whom do you start with and when do you start. We will go into the different kinds of data scientists and talk about which ones you need, and how many of each do you need.Unconference KaushalPython which was once a scripting language has broken all the odds and made it's way to web, machine learning, prototyping and what not.Main Conference
sampleTalksudolifeThis is a sample talk submission.Unconference
distribution.governance.mesh.for.libertyTalkviperWe are all witnessing that liberty and democracy is compromised and even subjugated by the very establishments which ought to balance the power and had the responsibility to expand the people's freedom. In democratic societies/countries, the state of governance is becoming more and more imbalanced and people pay their wages for impunity of establishments.Unconference
a_korean_springTalkCherry G. MathewThe DPRK (North Korea) is seen as a terrible anomalous wierd place. Isn't it just fitting then, that a Technical University funded by Christian Evangelicals is allowed to operate in the heart of this officially Athiest country ?Main Conference
view_from_the_bottomTalkJames WalkerMany technologies (and other things) are "wonderful for people whose role in life is to be on top of things. ... my role is to be on the bottom of things." I have some ideas and views from where i work and live -- deep in the bowels of website (not app) development.Main Conference
economy_as_media_and_media_as_economyTalkeiennotosoWith the development of cryptocurrencies and the rise of financial technologies such as dark pools, finance has become the software underneath global network forever in the beta stage. 'Media' and 'economy' collapse into each other once we enter the realm of financialization, wherein the tangible notion of 'money' finds itself moving and settling in databases, a ledger. The talk shall look at the two concepts/categories, 'media' and 'economy' and trace how they interact with each other, with their locations of mediality more and more converging.Main Conference
how_to_be_a_monkeyTalkMatt ZWhy did monkeys evolve to be so smart? We'll explore the latest scientific research, and get into the minds of our non-human primate relatives.Main Conference
my_philosophy_mistakes_and_enlightenment_about_writing_softwareTalkParv JainThis talk is about my philosophical, adventurous and eruditional journey of realizing my mistakes about python programming.Main Conference
iot_using_raspberryTalk@@Your Name/Nick@@The idea of this talk is to present the idea of internet of things using a practical implementation using raspberry pi.Unconference
hillhacks_quizTalknemoA techno-geeky quiz catering to recent events in science, technology, along with a smatter of popular culture and trivia questions as well.Unconference
state_of_os_installers_in_debian_and_its_derivativesTalkRaju Vindane (libregeekingkid)Debian GNU/Linux, the universal operating system is one of the most widely used operating systems. A lot of other famous distributions( Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Elementary) are based on Debian.Main Conference
wildlife_of_hp_and_man-animal_conflictsTalk@@Your Name/Nick@@PPP on Wild Life of HP and Man-Animal Conflicts,mainly on Leopard, Snakes,Monkeys etc.Main Conference
let_s_save_our_triundTalk@@Your Name/Nick@@Triund is a serene, scenic, meadow in the lap of the Dhauladhars , which is under intense ecological pressure as around 2000 people are reaching this fragile place without awareness and concern about its ecological importance especially to the water system of the region.
illegal_logging_and_various_forestry_crime_data_visualizationTalk@@Your Name/Nick@@Showing a map of illegal loggin activities in Himachal PradeshMain Conference
start_goingethno_in_the_indian_bureaucracyTalk@@Your Name/Nick@@How can India truly become 'Digital'?Main Conference
creative_writingsTalk@@Your Name/Nick@@1-2 sentencesCodeCamp
dokuwiki.updateTest@@Your Name/Nick@@1-2 sentenceses.
android.rom.customization.based.on.other.romsWorkshophtDo your own customizations to your Android ROM. Enable/disable services, add/remove apks, configure... Using your ROM installer (, unpack it, change it, pack it and install it. Simple.Unconference
under.constructionWorkshopMonica MontoyaHow to make a domo.School Program MontoyaMusic data visualization through the dance.Unconference of telecom of recent years allows entrepreneurs and communities to set up their own wifi networks in India. This workshop gathers knowledge about community wifi in India, and identifies some of the challenges that entrepreneurs and community leaders face.Main Conference
geoexperiencesWorkshopvictornomadThe aim of the workshop is to create a Gepositioned experiences using GPS-enabled devices. An example of this is a soundwalk.Unconference
radio.hillhacksWorkshopdevinLet's create a little online radio station to share music and audio files. Maybe we can even livecast the main conference.Unconference
lockpickingWorkshopsvaTry out lockpicking!Unconference out the stuff on the downer terrace, e.g. the tetrapack-shelf ;)Unconference
capentryWorkshopsvaMake a table like the ones we have on the upper terrace - or plan and build something different!Unconference
learn.knotsWorkshopsvaOut in the woods and while camping one should know some basic knots. Learn them here.Unconference
protect.your.self.onlineWorkshopsvaLearn how to protect your online communication and activities on a daily base! Have a all together! Get to know the very basics of encryption, and directly learn how to use them.Unconference walkerLearn the basics of using a very powerful editor: vim.Unconference walkerIntroduction to the basics of HTML and CSS coding for Web pages.Unconference WalkerLearn the basics of PHP programming.Unconference WalkerLearn some basic gnu/bash command line.Unconference KushwahaThis workshop will focus on teaching the children how to use technology to understand and express their culture - music, folklore, art, environment- in new and innovative ways through technology.School Program
spirit.of.hillhacksWorkshopKritikaThis workshop is all about celebrating Hillhacks! It will bring together all the key aspects Hillhacks covers - art, design and technology along with its collaborative and partcipative spirit - to create an interactive installation with the participants of Hillhacks.Main Conference WalkerLearn or review the basics of SQL and database.Unconference
osm.editingWorkshopdebanjumAdd the tracks we've collected in the OSM trekking session(or otherwise) to OpenStreetMapsUnconference
film.making.and.editingWorkshopmallikShoot, edit, feel(be?) like a pro.Unconference
make.your.own.cheeseWorkshopHauroThe title says it all: We'll make our own cheese.Main Conference
react.jsWorkshopromseguyYour first web application with React.js, Facebook's JavaScript UI library.Unconference
carpentryWorkshopPavan ShethBuild your own simple furniture.Main Conference
physical.arts.stretching.circusWorkshopTinkEnjoy a session of fun physical activity and circus games.Main Conference
digital.illustrationsWorkshopAditya DipankarThe workshop will facilitate discussion around digital illustrations and will call for participants with digital illustration software to create their own illustrations/stories/visual narratives.Unconference
smart.sprinklerWorkshopRafi MohammedA demo of smart sprinkler that does the following:Main Conference
digital_film_makingWorkshopPrashant Pandit (prapandit)Workshop is intended for uninitiated to moderately initiated folks. From "an idea to screen", it intends to cover pre-production(scripting, preparation, etc), production (shooting), post-production (editing, sound, etc)Unconference
how_to_control_almost_anything_with_a_play_station_2_controller_and_an_arduinoWorkshopRaju D. Vindane (libregeekingkid)How to control almost everything with a PS2 Controller and an Arduino? A PS2 controller is not just for playing games on your console. Interface it with an Arduino and start controlling things. Don't just control a car in your console games, level up and start controlling a robot(or almost anything) with your PS2 controller.Main Conference
geometric_origami_and_kirigamiWorkshopSahil ThappaCreating simple paper based geometric origami objects.School Program
feedbackWorkshop@@Your Name/Nick@@Will speak and deliberate upon the key focus issues concerning the environment that surrounds us.Main Conference
pop-up_makerspaceWorkshop@@Your Name/Nick@@A Pop-up makerspace is a portable makerspace that can be setup for the duration of the conference. I can bring the material for the structure, hand tools, some power tools, electronics components and printed resources for the makerspace. People can make electronics, robotics, woodworking and other projects at the pop-up makerspace.Main Conference

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