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Biodiversity Informatics - data and visualizations for conservation

A FlashTalk by @@Your Name/Nick@@, at Unconference


Biodiversity Informatics is the application of informatics techniques to biodiversity information for improved management, presentation, discovery, exploration and analysis. It typically builds on a foundation of taxonomic, biogeographic, or ecological information stored in digital form, which, with the application of modern computer techniques, can yield new ways to view and analyse existing information, as well as predictive models for information that does not yet exist (see niche modelling).

Main Description

This talk will take the audience through the relatively young discipline. There are numerous individuals involved with the design and construction of taxonomic databases. The term “Biodiversity Informatics” is generally used in the broad sense to apply to computerized handling of any biodiversity information:

  • Avifauna (Bird) diversity of Pong Lake. Tabulating 214 species in phylum, genus, order, family and species. I have attempted to visualize the data-set, so that it is more comprehensible for zoologists.
  • Then we will demo and other applications like the India Biodiversity Portal and the Global Biodiversity Information Facility
  • We will also demo some cool visualizations to appreciate the diversity in wildlife
  • We will also explain the Darwin Core standard for digitizing and exchanging biodiversity information around the world.


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