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Teaching data science to kids

A FlashTalk by Harsh Nisar, at Main Conference


Data Science for Kids is a program which conducts day long workshops for school children and introduces them to thinking quantitatively with the help of numbers and plots. We have conducted 3 workshops in India and one abroad. We upload the curriculum and idea online with the motive that people in various parts of the world conduct their own camps. In this talk I will give a brief introduction to the idea motivation and explain how one can hold a similar workshop.

I will need a projector to show slides. That's all.

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I am a research engineer at Aspiring Minds where I work on data-driven labor market analysis to investigate meritocracy, biases and market forces and optimizing the employment pipeline.

I strongly believes in the power of data science and advocates data literacy for everyone. I have helped organize multiple data science for kids camps ( and am currently playing a leading role in building (Machine Learning - India).

I prefer mountains over beaches and playing support over carry.

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