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This is a pre-event for something that will happen in Dharamshala/Himachal this summer (23/5 to 7/6)

But what hillhacks is all about? A lot…

We are providing a space and place for various temporary hackspaces with technology, art and education workshops, leading into a conference and maker exhibition in Dharamsala/India. This region in the foothills of the Himalayas is directly affected by a concrete idea of freedom as it hosts the Tibetan Community in Exile.

As a group of self-motivated and independent hackers and makers from India, Tibet, Japan, Germany and the US, we want to educate children and the interested general public. We hope to get them thinking critically and creatively and to develop thoughts and ideas with the tools and knowledge they will be exposed to.

There'll be..

Possible speakers

  • sva/kondi - hillhacks introduction
  • sva - web we want
  • kishanio - hillhacks last time & community engagement.
  • sva - lockpicking (will bring tools and locks with me, so it can also be a workshop later)

If we like + have time left, we can also watch oscar-winning “citizenfour” all together :)

You can talk too!

We are interested in the following things and more:

  • Making, fabricating and 3d printing
  • Arduino, Raspberry Pi and hardware hacking
  • Privacy and cryptography
  • Glitch art and generative music and computational design
  • Media remixes and data mash-ups
  • Art practices that engage with the Internet in fun and critical ways
  • Digital humanities and computational social sciences
  • Bitcoin and crypto-finance
  • Algorithms, sentiments and tracking conversations on social media
  • Learning codes and Internet-based education
  • Indic language computing

Want to know more? Attend the pre-event!


1900 to 2200, Friday, 27th March


FabLab CEPT, CEPT University

Sweet, I'm gonna be there

  • kondi
  • sva
  • kishanio
  • Malay
  • Milap
  • you?

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