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07 08 - Visit WorkBench Projects, Monday, 21st September, 6 p.m. onwards

Discussion on making cardboard folding furniture, among other things at WorkBench Projects


  • Date: Monday, 21st September
  • Time: 6 p.m. onwards. (Tour of Workbench Projects at around 7 p.m)


WorkBench Projects, Halasuru Metro Station, Old Madras Road, Gupta Layout,Halasuru, Bengaluru 560008 

hillhacks get-together at Durga Top, Sunday 20th September

Open house - discussion on the larger intent driving hillhacks and the immediate direction for it.


  • Date: Sunday, 20th September
  • Time: 5 p.m.


  • Address Durgatop - #3467, Top floor, Durga Nilaya, 2nd cross, 13th main, Indiranagar, Bangalore.

*Directions Get on 100 ft road indranagar. At 13th main cross(Land mark: Methodist Church), take a right (if you are coming from the Koramanagala side). You are now on 13th main road, heading in the general direction of Jeevanbhima Nagar. Take the second right. Landmark: Time PreSchool. Then take first right. Come to the end of the road. Durgatop is terrace floor of the last building on your left.

Skateboarding at Swami Vivekananda Metro Station: Saturday 19th September, 6:00 p.m. onwards

Context: Trying to partner with Adidas Uprising for the skateboarding and arts connection at hackbeach.


  • Date: Saturday, 19th September
  • Time: 6 p.m.


Swami Vivekananda Metro Station, Old Madras Rd, New Baiyyappanahalli, Sarvagnanagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560038

Hackbeach brainstorming meet: Wed, 29th July 2015 @nilenso

Get together of former and future hillhackers, and anyone interested in our fork off event, hackbeach. Special guest: anyone who has been at hillhacks before and is in BLR now.


  • Date: Wednesday, 29th July
  • Time: 6 PM onwards


Rough schedule:

6pm - get in , settle in, catchup, meet new people. 7pm - Recap of Hillhacks 2015 - feedback, comments, suggestions. 8pm - Brainstorming on pads - get a basic backlog/tasksheet/ideas going. 9pm - Head out for Dinner


  • Nilenso Software LLP, #105, 10th Cross, Indiranagar Stage 1, Bangalore, India, 560038
     * Thanks to [[|]] for their lovely support! 
     * Online on mumble see [[/tools#conferencecalls]] and scroll down to the "Conference" section

Sun, May 17th @hasgeek

General get together of former and future hillhackers, and anyone interested but not able to come over to the mountains this year. Special guest: someone who was at hillhacks the first days and is in BLR now.


  • Date: Sunday, May 17th
  • Time: 7 PM


Rough schedule:

  • Intro what is hillhacks (Shreyas? Jace? Zainab? Every other hillhacker)
  • hillhacks already up-and-running (Brandon)
  • Flashtalks
    • Brandon: Intro in his research on education stuff
    • you: your topic
    • you: your topic
  • general Q&A
    • exchange between future and recent hillhackers :)
  • add what you want to do / want to see


  • Indiranagar, HAL 2nd Stage: #2699, 19th Main, 5th Cross.
  • Thanks to for lovely support!


hillhacks 2015 signup/logistics app presentation/Demo/RFC

  • When: Sat, 24th Jan 2015 - 6pm
  • Where: Hasgeek
  • Who: cherry & fragger_fox

* When: TBD

Please come by and throw bricks and bouqets. A great opportunity to know what's happening and to get on board with this project!

Any questions - we're on irc or on the mailing list


Bangalore - Kickstart hillhacks 2015

On Friday, 14th October, 7 p.m, at office in Domlur / Indranagar.


Just some rough notes what should/could be talked about

  • new date
  • infrastructure / servers
  • communication
  • venue
  • finance, funding and budget
  • forming teams
  • documentation
  • “pre-events” or “hills in the city” or whatever name…
  • pls add your thoughts

Who wants to come?

It is helpful to know how many ppl we will be to arrange some food etc. Maybe also add the topics you are interested in, ideally we directly form some subgroups that start working out some of the topics.

  • sva - interested in forming teams so that ALL THE work can be distributed better
  • aruna - interested in knowing which teams she can be part of. Also to meet everyone again!
  • tushar - missed out this year, wants to know how to contribute for next year
  • your name? - your interest?
  • your name? - your interest?
  • your name? - your interest?


Bangalore - visit freemans farm,

Saturday, 15th November, daytime

Will be leaving at noon, to go to Jaaga Penthouse, Richmond Road, where people are going to be around till a little after 3 for the unicycle meetup(, Everyone's leaving to go to Freeman's Farm after that. People will be around at Freeman's farm on Saturday night and all of Sunday. A bunch(sva, debanjum, yuvi, others(?)) will leave from there for Kerala.

Who wants to come?

  • ayush
  • sva
  • yuvi
  • debanjum
  • aruna
  • your name
  • your name
  • your name


Bangalore - Pre-event 2014

various hillhacks pre-events in Bangalore


Lightning talks + Party

Where: Indiranagar

Indiranagar, HAL 2nd Stage: #2699, 19th Main, 5th Cross. Thanks to for lovely support!

When: Saturday, 30th August

18:30 - open end.

The lighning talks session might be for around an hour or so

What: Lightning talks

  • Just add your idea**

Short presentations and demos of projects around technology and making, and it's impact on our world and society (and what we can do about it). These so-called lightning talks should be around 5mins, but in no way longer then 10min. Afterwards we can exchange with some beer and music!

You know people that could tell some interesting stuff? Let them know! If too many, we can decide “bar-camp-like” on site what we want to hear. Most times ppl also get inspired on site itself to tell something!

some notes on what has happened: (might be getting a blogpost once in the future…) .


When: Sunday, 31st August

Start 2pm, see more below

Where: Domlur

The Centre for Internet and Society, No. 194, Second 'C' Cross, Domlur, 2nd Stage. Thanks to CIS-india for wonderful support!

What: Planning participation!

Planning and organizing session for hillhacks. Everyone who wants to be involved in whatever way, has any input and ideas for us is very invited to join in! There will be cake and tea, and if we feel like we can watch some talks/presentations of other conferences in the evening.

What you could contribute:

  • spread the message of hillhacks amongst your network and other interesting people
     * encourage people to give talks and workshops
     * connect us to interesting initiatives
     * more notes on how to [[participate|participate on this page]]


There were plenty of people from various organisations. Thanks so much for your interest and contributions!



Where: Kumbalgodu

Dalai Lama Institute for Higher Education. Thanks to DLIHE for giving us the great opportunity to serve!

When: Monday, 1st September

  • 17:00 - 18:30:
  • 18:30 - 19:00:
    • Break: lets talk to each other on what we have learned!
  • 19:00-19:30:
    • Dinner
  • 19:30 - open-end:
    • Workshop: get your hands-on your devices! Bring your Smartphones and Laptops - and if you don't have any, bring a USB pen drive!

What: Learn protection online

Learn how to protect your online communication and activities on a daily base! Have a cryptoparty all together! Get to know the very basics of encryption, and directly learn how to use them.

sva first gives an introduction on basic concepts of cryptography. She will e.g. explain how public-key-encryption works, which can be used for email encryption, and also directly tell what software needs to be installed and configured to directly use it. Another topic will be secure webbrowsing via Tor: Again the concept behind it will be introduced as well as the actual way to use it. Very important is also short-messaging (like whats-app etc) and use of protecting methods on mobile phones.

In the second part the students can directly try out what they have learned.


Speakers are sva (hillhacks) and beli (CIS).

This event will be for the students of Dalai Lama Institute of Higher Education. If you want to attend, too, please contact us!


what is hillhacks? is a conference and a series of workshops in Dharamshala/Himachal:

  • conference at 24-26th October
     * Diwali fest with LEDs on Thursday 23rd, 
     * and hands-on workshops in the two weeks before: not only amongs experts, but very much also with local kids and grown-ups.

The event is community-driven, non-commmercial, unconferenced and barcamped: Everything just happens cause volunteers are doing it – based on the love and joy of playing around with technology. People donate time, tools and money to make something new happen: Different disciplines around technology getting together at the foothills of the Himalaya.

Other pre-events

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