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C3 is the abbreviation of Chaos Communication Congress - the annual gathering of the Chaos Computer Club (CCC). The CCC was founded in 1981 and is very much alive ever since. The C3 happens since 1984 each year at the end of December - after Christmas and before New Year. Over the time many smaller events during the year on various places have been established, too. They vary sometimes in focus of topics, but usually its mainly about the social get-together. There can be only a few people gathering together, but it can also bring 10.000 people from all over the world together, as the 30C3 in 2013 just did.

As is so hard to describe, you'd rather watch e.g. the video from the **congress in 2006**, the **23C3**: (download URL):

hillhacks is (not only via sva) very much inspired by this kind of events. To give you a better “feeling” we recommend to dive into the documentation of such events a bit, as it is not easy to describe (but we've been trying hard with all the write-ups and podcasts and stuff we are publishing on this pages.

The CCC, its “friends & family” and other hackers and like-minded people from all over the year also go out for the **Chaos Communication Camp** every four years, there are also plenty of nice videos available. The next camp will happen in 2015, if you ever wanted to visit Europe anyway, that would be a very good occasion :) (E.g the camp 2007, but lets check out more!)

Besides you find the **documentation** of **talks&lectures** from around the last decade on The topics vary very much too, just browse around there!

Here is some more information and links to start the dive:

  • Chaos_Computer_Club, might be much more informative then the actual website As everyone at CCC is working voluntarely, stuff like a nice website is nothing that really gets done. Who likes to do documentation, anyway? Unpaid work is a feature in many ways, as people just do what they find important and because they love what they do. But maintaining content for a website seems not to be the hackers-most-loved…
     * [[wp>Chaos_Communication_Congress|Wikipedia entry on C3]] also gives a better overview
     * the blog on all the CCC-events (often in German, but eg the category (link) of 30C3 is all in english. 
     * Camp in the UK
     * Camp in the Netherlands (in tradition also every 4 years iterating with CCC Camps)
     * all the talks and presentations from the last decade or so
     * Conferences (on particular topics) in India
     * the idea of having a un-conference likewise in India (the initiative is already involved into hillhacks, too)
     * unfortunately not happening any more :(
     * Atnul Chitnis talking at 23C3 on FOSS in India
     * pls add more!

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