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Conference Calls

We are trying to have (ir)regular meetings on Voice Over IP. We use mumble for that. See more on the used technology on our page for tools.

Port: 64738 (thats the default port)
Channel: fnord

As we are spread over different time zones all over the world, it is not always easy to find a suitable time for everyone. We usually met at around 6:30 pm IST (GMT +5.5). Please give a message on the mailing list if you want to participate, but that time does not fit you. Most of us are quite flexible, so please don't hesitate to ask. .


We find the next date via mailing list, but try to have a call around every second week. Usually on Wednesdays.


Find the recent minutes on

We didn't document the calls very well. Some of them are documented here, but most of them aren't. We usually use a pad and then paste the minutes on the mailinglist. If you like you can help out by joining the call, writing the minutes and documenting them properly :)



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