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2013-11-17 Dharamsala Call
-          Coincide with Dharamsala International Film Festival
-          Ritu/Tenzing able to support more, can combine planning, logistical efforts
-          Diverse mix of attendees, things to see/do
-          May attract more than just IT people locally and abroad
-          Conflict with planning for CCC congress
-          Possible logistics issues if large crowd for both events
-          Easier for Bernadette to participate
-          Less logistical issues compared to having two events together
-          Could be good warmup for October event

-          Difficult for some people to go out to Dharamsala twice in a year
-          Might divide up attendance between two events
-          Less diversity in terms of technologists vs artists/media creatives

Bernie thinks to have both would be nice.
akiba sees is difficult to come for two times
berni is having some talks with the open knowledge foundation regarding possible projects/jobs that is not finished so far
so we can fix this latest in january

-          Tibetan Childrens Village (TCV) Conference area
seating: 40 ppl
workshop: 20 ppl
eating area

-          Possibly TCV auditorium for talks
tiebtian childrens village
large auditorium
for the kids for have plays
seating maybe even more 100ppl
close to the conference area
up the road from mcloadgunj
isolated place
adults arent allowed to go there :)

Ghoomakad Hackerspace
workshop 10-20ppl
seating: 40ppl
there is this abundanded house up the road
there is the main ground which could accomodate the temporay housing

-          Need to find low cost venues that have electrical outlets and internet connectivity

1000rs per day for jagori, they have 3 rooms

in sum: the venue should have one bigger place, and some smaller places

digital dhasa we should include (tibetian technology center)

pre-workshop for wifi
pre-workshop on temporary housing
costs of those two could be spread with the wikimedia conference...

My  (Akiba’s) idea is that this event would be run on a barebones budget.  Attendees would be responsible for taking care of themselves and  arranging their own travel/commute, food, etc. 
-           Sample budget for Wikimedia conference at
Ø          This budget looks high compared to what I have in mind. We need to look  at the quoted budget and the actual costs. Also need to look at costs  that might not be needed for this event.
-          Need numbers for 
Ø         Venue(s) rental per day – tseten, ayush, mikey, ritu/tenzing
Ø         Projectors (I can acquire used projectors & ship them if needed)
Ø         Internet connectivity – mikey (airjaldi), Tseten, ayush
Ø         Food (optional) – need to decide how much will be catered. attendees will pay for catered food if funding cannot take care of it
Ø         Accomodation (optional)
²         Ideally rent some houses. Need numbers for this. Attendees beyond set  number will need to arrange accommodation on their own.
²        Talk to Freeman regarding temporary structures. His work can be seen at
²        If we can get space and palette racks, we might just do large temporary structure housing
Ø         Workshop equipment
²        Laser cutter – possibly. Cost ~$2k + ~$1k shipping/freight
l          Laser cutter location after event TBD. Would like to leave decision to  Ritu/Tenzing. Goal is to benefit Dharamsala locals and children of TCV. 
²        Soldering irons, rework tools - ~$300 USD
²        Hand tools, various tools - $100 USD
-          This should be discussed on the call
Ø         Donor groups (ie Ford Foundation)
Ø         Crowdfunding
Ø         Contributions
Ø         Attendee costs
Full list can be found on the chaospad
content / workshops / ideas / possible people
-          Creative Coding/Technology
Ø         Art and technology – Applications, trends, etc
Ø         Hands on workshops – paper circuits, interaction, creative coding
²        Workshop teachers from MIT Media Lab: Jie Qi, Dhairya Dand (tentative)
²        Akiba – Processing, Arduino, wireless + its uses in creative/performing arts
²        Example of a collaborative dance project (Akiba):
-          Technology (open source, open data, programming, politics & tech, etc)
Ø         Open source
Ø         Open data
Ø         Hands on Workshop on different technologies useful in the local community
Ø         Technology & activism (environmental activism, political activism) 
            weather monitoring / setting up stations and infrastructure around
            waste hacking / recycling
Ø         Others?
-          Infosec 
Ø         Network hacking – Symmetry of hacking, ie need to understand hacking to understand defending from hacking
Ø         Digital Forensics – Analytical techniques after intrusions has occurred
Ø         Network Security – General best practices, techniques, tools for securing networks
Ø          Special security needs for activism – Securing communications for  people/communities that are likely high profile hacking targets
Ø         Hands on workshops (as many as possible)
Ø         Others?
Questions from piratepad
-          How many people
-          Invitations or open?
-          Target Group
-          Free of charge, entry fee, or covering all costs?
-          Ritu/Tenzing – White Crane Studios, Dharamsala International Film Festival
-          Bernadette – CCC Berlin
-          Tseten Dolkar – Tibetan I Tech
-          Mikey Ginguld – CEO Air Jaldi, Rural Broadband
-          Daniel Goldman – Original SimCity dev, angel investor, social entrepreneurship
-          Akiba – founder Tokyo Hackerspace, Safecast, various other projects
-          Ayush – ghoomakad crew :)
-          Others? – We should keep a roster of people working on this project, description, and contact info for reference

-          To be discussed

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