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  • TCV
    • there have been worries
    • they would only give the hall if TCV is directly included
    • akiba - check on rent of TCV space
  • tibetan liberary
    • tsetsen will get more information
    • cost: 3000rs per day (aroundish)
  • Jagori
    • 3 rooms, maybe just 2 as they use them theirselfs
  • Ghoomakad
    • 1 room (is very close to jagori, just a minute walk)
    • both is around 14km from dharamsala
    • freeman said tents would be great, the structure would be difficult
  • CTA

- For

Budget- Rough estimate of costs
  • venue
  • equipment
  • connectivity
    • akiba to talks to mikey regarding connectivity
  • misc (chairs, tables, projector, etc)
    • 4rs per plasticchair (as an example)
  • living arrangements (house rental, structure, tents, etc)
    • rents for e.g. one month is possible, at least in rakkar it is easy
    • there can also be tents directly to camp - bathrooms can be set up, used at ghoomakad and in the river. But a toilet is needed
    • ayush will find out what a temporary toilett will cost + tent costs
  • pretty barebone event
  • Donor groups
  • Crowdfunding
  • Contributions
  • Attendee costs
Questions from piratepad
  • How many people
  • Invitations or open?
    • Open invitation
  • Target Group
  • Free of charge, entry fee, or covering all costs?

* How many people?

  • The proposal for the wikimedia conference was planned with 200-300 people. I would say that is the very maximum we can host here for the moment. /sva
  • maybe around a hundred - thats already alot!
  • akiba was more thinking on 15-20 originally :)
  • invitations or open for everyone?
    • I would directly invite interesting people, but leave it in sum open for everyone. ** Maybe leaving some free seats for some spontanous interesting people, if possible and necessary (hackers are not really good in long-term-planning) /sva
    • open invitation
    • schools around in himachal pradesh etc

* Target group:

  • I would say: focussing on India, but also spreading the information around Asia, especially in the countries around. But if american or european hackers want to attend, that is fine, too. /sva
  • hackers or general people? creative people
  • with registration where ppl apply and describe theirselfs?
  • Is there anything one needs to know for asking possible foundations etc for money?
    • As I never worked directly with donors, it might be helpful to get some information on the usual “protocol” that needs to be followed. e.g. does one need to have already a budget plan, while asking for money? /sva

* Free of charge, entry fee, or even covering all costs for the participants?

  • if the latter we have a lot work to raise enough money + plus deciding who to invite. I would prefer a “pay as much as you can” policy, with a small basic fee for everyone- In addition support interesting ppl with their travel and accomodation expenses if possible. /sva
  • at least a small fee to protect the event from curious people

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