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FIXME Todo: convert this into wiki syntax or break the long lines to have it better readable.

== naming? ==
Current candidates for naming:

Himalchal Hill Hack
Dharamsala Hack+Make
Diy Digital Dharamsala
Dharamsala Does Digital
Digital Dharamsala Dev(elopment)

I went through the thread achives to try and collect as many names as possible but please add any that might be missing

We discussed and it seems (lets just copy the whole backlog somewhere here then)

*** decided on Himalchal Hill Hacks (H3)

== domain? ==
comes out of the naming discussion :)

*** Ayush trying to get 

== time/duration ==
* time 
** duration?
- We should settle on the initial set of dates
- DIFF is Thursday, 10/30 to 11/4

*** core: weekend before DIFF
- main events 1 week before to 2 days after
- optional events: up to 2weeks before

== budget? ==
- will try to compile some info on this

*** akiba to work on this

== what website? ==
* choices? i think docuwiki & mediawiki. others?
* can we have wordpress website too? a few blog posts and plenty of pictures would be good to give people sense of event and also for press
** as described already, dokuwiki would have a blog-plugin as well. Wordpress only serves blog + static pages. Dont think its enough. 

*** docuwiki first. decide on if blog is needed next call

- information? 
-- how to get there, ie from delhi (intl airport)
-- how to get there, ie from delhi (intl airport)
-- what to bring
-- lodgings
-- places of interest (delhi, himalchal, dharamsala)
-- mobile phone access
-- internet access
-- rsvp?
-- general info
=> thats for the conference itself. Atm we need something for organizing :)

== Venue == 

== what ==
* the whole idea itself:

** "mission statement" (huh!)?

 full chat transcript for this discussion available here:
 ===== Summary of decisions =====
> - Naming:
> The name of the event will be Himalchali Hill Hacks or H3. It might end
> up being some variation on this but the acronym will be H3.

Yes, so "hillhacks" is fix by now. 
Next: There are still plenty of options around that, which is easier to find out via voice. Also tagline etc might be nice. 
Todo: all of us can play around with those words

> - Domain:
> Ayush acquired the domains and We will be
> setting up the website for the event soon.

Next: for h3.<tld> see the other thread. But that is actually just geeking around ;)
Todo: berni, Varun, (+everyone): Reaching out for possible TLD for h3

> - Date/Time:
> We broke the date up into three categories. The "core" time will be the
> weekend of 10/25-26. This will be when the important
> talks/discussions/panels/workshops will occur. The "main events" time
> will be one week before the "core" time and up to two days after
> (following Tuesday, 10/28). The "optional" time will be up to two weeks
> before the "core" time. The idea is that the event will be as adjacent
> as possible to DIFF so that there will be intermingling between groups.

Next: find out the pricing for the different options
Todo: Ritu and Tenzing sharing information

> - Website:
> We will start with a wiki based on Docuwiki. This will hold the
> information about the event and also be the main point of reference for
> things pertaining to the event. There may (will) also be a blog
> associated with the site so that organizers or guests can post articles,
> pictures, and other media pertinent to the event.

Next: Setting up the site and especially one-pager as compact infor
Todo 1: berni, set up on technical side (together with alice, a friend from germany, will hopefully happen till tomorrow)
Todo 2: berni + all (anyone volunteering?); migrating content from pads to wiki; working on the start-page. 

> - Going public:
> We're setting a goal to go public (friends, local community) about the
> event in two weeks. This should give us time to get a skeleton website
> up with some basic information. The full public announcement (press or
> media) will be at a later time.

Next: Sending the info out to friends and ppl that should be involved
Todo: All, thinking about possible contributers

> - Next:
> The next call will be on Tuesday at the same time (unless something
> changes). We had a bad time with Skype for voice and will be using
> Mumble this time. If you'd like to participate, please make sure you
> have a mumble client installed and hopefully tested.

Will make another Mail on this with the details on mumble

> Topics for next discussion:
> * Budget (I hope, will try to make some progress by tuesday)
> * Venue
> * Mission statement/goals
> * Other stuff

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