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Call for Proposals


21st May, 2016

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The third edition of hillhacks is here! We invite you to come up to the hills for a non-commercial community-run event, to participate in the greater exchange of knowledge, sharing ideas, and contributing to an open and free society.

hillhacks thrives on participation, whatever form it might take. Be it delivering a talk, hacking on some code, performing on stage, teaching, volunteering, or just sharing the things you love. It does not have to be related to “technology” or “geeks”. See the list of topics that hillhackers have dealt with in the last two editions. As such, our CFP is as much a call for proposals as it is a call for participation.

Easiest is to sign up, come over and attend the various sessions from 21st May till 8th June 2016.

We have four different events as part of hillhacks 2016:
1. Codecamp - ongoing, till 20th May 2016
2. School Programme - 21st May 2016 onwards
3. Unconference - 21st May to 1st June 2016
4. Main Conference - 1st to 5th June 2016

You can participate in each of them in more than one way:

- Attend and volunteer: to help us setup, take down and coordinate participation in any of the events. We encourage all participants to volunteer some time in one form or the other. Essentially, help us run the event. hillhacks is a volunteer-run unconference, which means that everyone gets to run it and enjoy it! Help us schedule talks, manage waste, take down spaces & setups, arrange logistics, setup the network and everything in between.

- Give a flashtalk: You do not have to tell us what you wish to talk about, but you'll have 5/10/15 minutes to do so as part of the unconference and main conference

- Host a session or workshop: Demo, teach or create something fun - hands-on stuff encouraged! You'll get time during the school programme, unconference and main conference.

- Deliver a talk: Propose a talk for the main conference. You have up to an hour to talk to other participants on something you may have worked on, something you know and or have learnt. See last year's conference schedule or the list of topics to get an idea.

There is no specific theme for hillhacks 2016, but we encourage participation from anyone and everyone such as free-thinkers, tinkerers and creative minds, artists, techies and hobbyists, hackers and makers, crafters and scientists, humanists and engineers, activists and coders, geeks and nerds, designers and philosophers, natural and artificial intelligences and other interesting beings doing interesting stuff. You may take a deep breath now.

You have till 21st May 2016 to submit your proposal(s).

The proposals will go through an open review process. Our interpretation of open review will let anyone participate in the process reviewing and selecting proposals. This is to help reduce the effect of bias and have the community take part in the process.

We hope you're as excited as we are about hillhacks '16!

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