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hillhacks pre-event in Chennai

Thursday, 4th September: Hacker- and Makerspaces

  • Time: evening 7pm,
  • Place: CFI, IIT Madras
informal get-together for sharing ideas and knowledge on the hacker- and makerspace movement
  • sva presents hillhacks
  • Alex gives an overview on Hacker- and Makerspaces in India
  • sva gives some insight in Hacker- and Makerspaces of Europe
  • Alex and others around are telling what has happened in Chennai so far
  • You want to show us something, too? Please add here!
  • Then lets discuss the possibilities to have such in Chennai, too!

I addition sva could share some thoughts and ideas on a internet and “web we want”. What would you like to share? Please use the “edit this page” link at the toolbox right hand side and just add your ideas!

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