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Contact hillhacks

Have a question or want to comment? .


The easiest way to contact us is to write an email to

 mail ~at~ hillhacks ~d0t~ in


You can also directly subscribe to one of the mailing lists

Direct Contact

If you would like to speak someone directly you can also contact

 General Inquiries: akiba ~at~ freaklabs ~d0t~ org
 General Inquiries: sva ~at~ ccc ~d0t~ de
 School Programs: spinmatsuri ~at~ gmail ~d0t~ com
 CodeCamp: freeman ~at~ jaaga ~d0t~ in
 HackBeach: cherry ~at~ zyx ~dot~ in
Or someone else on this list.


IRC Chat

Join our lively IRC channel #hillhacks on There are people connecting from all over the planet, but please be patient. An answer might take some hours or longer.



We are also reachable on @hillhacks on Twitter. It may take a long while to get back to you via this method as well.



Go ahead and like our page on Facebook (for announcements only).



You can also call us directly and we will be able to help you with stuff like last mile travel. +09818489610

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