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This event is solely community driven and run by volunteers. Please see where else you can contribute too! This democratic (or even meritocratic) approach is mirrored on every layer, and so is it for the money bit, too.


Types of financial contribution

  • We want to provide everyone the opportunity to come, so we kindly ask everyone to give as much as s/he can afford.**

What does that mean? We have four levels of contributions. Please choose the one that suits your budget.

  • **base**: can be 0, if you cannot afford otherwise
  • **reasonable**: covers basic costs of food and lodging
  • **nice**: all costs covered, including infrastructure and tools
  • **supporter**: you support others that cannot afford their travel, stay and food



  • **Staying** (Rs/Day): //Accommodation(bed/tent), Food(3 meals) and Infrastructure//
    • Rs 500 : base (reduction possible, pls contact us!)
    • Rs 1000 : reasonable
    • Rs 1500 : nice
    • Rs 2000++ : supporters

* **Day only** (Rs/Day): //Food(lunch,dinner) and Infrastructure//

  • Rs 250 : base (reduction possible, pls contact us!)
  • Rs 500 : reasonable
  • Rs 800 : nice
  • Rs 1200 : supporters



Find transparency on our accounting this page from last year. Please feel free to inquire more details, if interested. This year we failed to widely apply for funding, so we have only raised small amounts... lets see how it goes… please consider to pay an amount as high as possible to keep all our heads up.

Keep in mind, that also all the Speakers, Coordinators, Teachers, Mentors, Organizers, Communicatiors and Volunteers, giving so much time to make this happen, are contributing their financial bit, too.

Also see the section about money in the FAQ. Feel free to inquire the whole sheets from us to see the track of every single Ruppee going in or out.

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