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Delhi - Kickstart hillhacks 2015

On Monday, 1st December, 8:30 pm at Ardubotics Makerspace

Ardubotics Makerspace is 1 km walking distance from Qutab Minar metro station (yellow line) on 100 ft road, near Bajaj bike showroom. Call Himanshu on 09650549305 if you have any problem reaching the place.


We are organizing a hillhacks pre-event in Delhi on **Saturday, September 13**, at The Sarai Programme, Centre for the Study of Developing Societies (CSDS).

There will be an open session for lightning talks (brief talks of 5-8 minutes length). If you want to talk about any topic close to your work/interest, and relates to the event's themes as mentioned below, please send a few sentences about the topic and yourself to to submit the talk, or enter the details in this page directly (in the section below).

To RSVP, please send an email to

What is it all about?

The pre-event will be a relaxed combination of demonstrations and discussions of all things relates to hacking, making, and living in an Internet-mediated world.

We are interested in the following things and more:

  • Making, fabricating and 3d printing
  • Arduino, Raspberry Pi and hardware hacking
  • Privacy and cryptography
  • Glitch art and generative music and computational design
  • Media remixes and data mash-ups
  • Art practices that engage with the Internet in fun and critical ways
  • Digital humanities and computational social sciences
  • Bitcoin and crypto-finance
  • Algorithms, sentiments and tracking conversations on social media
  • Learning codes and Internet-based education
  • Indic language computing
  • See the hillhacks Call for Papers and Participation for more…

What will happen?

Here is the tentative plan:

  • **15:30-17:30** 3D Printing Workshop
  • **17:00-17:30** Tea / Coffee
  • **17:30-18:15** What is hillhacks and What Web do We Want? [ sva ]
  • **18:15-19:30** Lightning Talks [ Open for participants to submit talks ]
  • **19:30-20:15** Dinner
  • **20:15-20:45** DesiSec – Introduction by the Film-Maker(s)
  • **20:45-21:30** DesiSec – Screening
  • **21:30-22:00** DesiSec – Discussion

Lightning Talks

If you want to propose and present a lightning talk, please enter the details (of the talk and about you) here. Or email them to

When to come and what to bring?

We will begin around 15:00-15:30 and the discussions/music/film will go into early night. There will be tea/coffee breaks. And you can order in food if you want. Contribution to support the food expenses will be much appreciated.

  • Bring anything that you want to share with other people – from hardware humor to software stories.**

How to reach CSDS?

Take the yellow line of Delhi Metro to reach Civil Lines station. When you get out, take a rickshaw and ask the person to take you to CSDS on (#29) Rajpur Road. If you prefer to walk, look for Under Hill Road and walk down it till you hit a T junction. There will be a big Municipality Transportation Office on your right before you hit the T junction. From the junction, take left and the #29 will be on your left shortly.

Here is the walking direction from the Civil Lines Metro Station on Google Maps.

hillhacks and Sarai

  • hillhacks** provides space and place for various temporary hackspaces with technology, art and education workshops, leading into a conference and maker exhibition in Dharamsala, India. This region in the foothills of the Himalayas is directly affected by a concrete idea of freedom as it hosts the Tibetan Community in Exile.

From around 13th of October 2014 onwards we will prepare and conduct workshops for kids and youngsters and the general public: Some include soldering and programming, others will teach security and protection online, and various other topics.

Go through the hillhacks website for more details.

  • The Sarai Programme**, at CSDS, is one of South Asia's most prominent and productive platforms for research and reflection on the transformation of urban space and contemporary realities, especially focusing on the interface between cities, information, society, technology, and culture.

Find out more about our work at the Sarai website.

. . .


  • This is a **Cryptoparty++** or a **Cryptoparty 2.0**
  • This is an invitation for someone who wants to take it serious!
  • This is _not_ the usual “okay lets install some software and use it” Cryptoparty!
  • Attendees ideally have already some experience/knowledge on the usage of basic crypto-tools like GPG, OTR, VPN, Tor, etc. Please check out the overview and other resources linked in the Cryptoparty-wiki.
  • You are invited by houndbee and sva


sva was doing cryptoparties all over India and Germany within the last year. Some of them are documented on, but most of them not. But somehow we always just swim on the surface. People come and want to learn, so she tough them how to start: She explained some basic knowledge about cryptography itself, got into some pieces of protocols and software, and then all together installed some of these software and learned how to use it. This usually takes around 4 hours, but most often we sat for 6 hours or even longer (in Delhi sva went to bed at 4AM, after 12 hours of exchange - and that only because she was down with the delhi-belly - there were still around 20ppl continuing playing around with the new knowledge they got exposed to).

  • One important point she never got tired to repeat and repeat: **

Y O U . A R E . N E V E R . S A F E

What we did on those cryptoparties is only useful for those people that say: “Okay, I wanna produce some more crypto-noise in the network, and all I need is some feeling of not having the whole world watching over my shoulder”. Increasing the crypto-noise is important for all those in our world, who have to take it serious. Using some crypto-tools means for you that you can at least have some more-private spaces in the Internet and web. Sva also repeated on and on: **Just being a little more protected is easy: Just start using this software. If it is serious for you, you have to learn and understand a lot of details**. She sometimes said, using these tools is like having an Umbrella against mass surveillance: You will get wet anyway, but at least you are not exposed naked to the rain as all the others around you.

Anyway, this session is supposed to be a next step: If you take it serious, you will be entering a whole new dimension of protecting yourself and others. But still: **Technology can fail anytime, without even you noticing it**. Never forget this!

Okay, I wanna take it serious

That means that you have to change your whole behavior online. You even have to install a new Operating System on your Computer as well as on your Smartphone. You have to be ready for such a change.

Please tell us that you want to come:

  • Per mail to mail(at)hillhacks(dot)in!
     * If you prefer encrypted communication please write a short message and we'll send you our key. 
     * If you prefer anonymous contact please message "sva" on IRC-networks (e.g. freenode, OFTC, hackint, IRCnet). You can connect via [[|Tor]] to IRC, see [[|Crytoparty-wiki]] for more links on how to do so. 
     * You might wanna get a second HDD/SDD for your Laptop, so you can keep your old setup with you (so the water to jump in is not too cold...)

Monday, 15th September, 6pm, Hauz Khas

We meet on Monday, 15th October, 6pm onwards at office:

  • G-15, Top Floor, Hauz Khas
     * [[ |OpenStreetMap entry]]
     * 10 min walk from Hauz Khas Metro station (or 30rs by Auto)
     * Detailed directions: At the Hauz Khas metro station take the Exit leading to Mayfair Gardens/Laxman Public School. When you get out of the metro station, go right and walk for about six hundred metres or so. You will be walking on Shri Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu Marg. You should see the Institute of Home Economics on the left hand side of the road as you're walking. You will also see a board for Mayfair Gardens, and a big park. The road will end in a T-Junction. Go left. At the corner of this T-Junction, on the left, you will see a small restaurant named "Southy" as well as a bunch of scooter mechanics. Right opposite Southy (on the other side of the road) there is a metal gate. You will see a tall building named "Crunch". The building before crunch, on the left, is the CIS office. G-15, top floor.

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