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We have a logo, thanks to the folks at Tibetan Handcraft in McLeod. There is still much to be done for both the website and the other matierals, including working on stylesheets, adding more graphics, designing printed materials, and whatever else you can dream up to give hillhacks some design panache.


Tasks & Ideas

  • Web work
    • Favicon
    • Web banner
    • Wiki templates and CSS
  • Printed materials
    • name badges (or wrist bands)
    • handouts: schedule, maps, etc
    • signboards for wifi details, way-signs
    • banners for hanging on stage and desks
    • stickers are in progress and more ideas are welcome
  • Other ideas
    • Posters, Stickers
    • Wallpaper images for Desktop/Mobile phone/etc
    • Trailers / Animations
    • Lanyards for the name badges
    • Coffee-mug

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