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Film Documentation Team

This team is handling cameras for live footage for a documentary movie. Ideally this team also cares for taking pictures during the event, as well as collecting and publishing them.

So we are looking for people who can support us by being a part of this team! Not any beforehand-knowledge required, unless it would be awesome if you already know how to handle cameras, editing software and other production tasks. Mallikarjun, who is leading this team, will also provide a film making workshop - and then its just about learning by doing! :)

Also you can help us by providing equipment and other resources as per your interest and choice, we shall be responsible for all the safety measures.

Looking for:

Pre- Production:

  • Scripting the whole event hillhacks 2015
  • choosing interview partners (and interviewers) and preparing questions and/or a story that should be told

Production Team:

  • Cameras (DSLRs - Preferably Canon but any other brand can also help including GO PROs)
  • Extra Batteries (As backup for each camera)
  • Tripods (Fluid Head tripods, Mini tripods)
  • Memory Cards (Minimum 8GB, 30MB/s)
  • Portable Recording Mics (collar mics for interviews)
  • Portable sound recording systems
  • Portable Lights and Reflectors (Specially for night Shooting)
  • Hard drives

**And most importantly: people who can handle the production part!**

Post Production Team:

  • Editors with upgraded versions of editing softwares (FCP, Adobe Premiere, etc)
  • Composers who can compose music on Ableton or any other software.

Photographers (all time)

  • Shoot pictures whenever something interesting is happening at the event and around…
  • Publish them ideally right ahead in the days after to have them visible for everyone to keep the people updated what is happening up in the hills! Use this wiki or any other infrastructure you like. We can also provide additional tools if needed.


Some additional notes

Tasks that can be done for practice:

  • gaining experience with editing by caring for hillhacks 2014 recordings of the talks
  • collecting pictures from hillhacks 2014 and publishing them
  • checking out the movie from hillhacks 2014 and develop own ideas: just make your own version from that footage!

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