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We invite you very much to explore the region and everything that is around. This is just a first dump of notes, pls add yours!

To get a first orientation, have a look at our page venue & maps, especially the words on location


Treks and Walks

If you wanna go for a Trek or a Walk: we already have a separate wiki page on this.


Dharamkot road/TIPA road

  • There is Gandhis Paradise just down the road from our house (no experience here, please add yours).
  • A bit down the road you can take some steps to a restaurant (does anyone know its name? pls add!), it has a nice view to one of the Dhauladhar peaks, a huge variety of food, but it takes ages to actually serve the food.



There is also a shop open till around midnight in Dharamkot.

There are plenty of places with good (but fairly expensive) food. Starting from the street at watertank, its “out of the blue” at the left side (downwards) with good pizza, ravioli and a great “hello to the queen” (sweet dish). Once you've reached dharamkot city (haha) there is “trek and dine” on the left. Further right hand is “back to nature” (pls confirm the name) with very good israeli food. In general you find a lot Israeli food in Dharamkot.

Please add more!



Many Shops selling touristy-stuff in Bhagsu, but also clothing and those things. Also many restaurants, pls add your experiences with them! Find e.g. famous Shiva Cafe above the waterfall. (Take left turn on the path to waterfall, just before the last cafe before the waterfall). Find Dhabas at Main Square.



No experience here, except angel-cafe at main square, makes Omlettes and Maggi and that stuff. Has a nice view. Owner of angel-cafe is nice.



Plenty of places in McLeod.

Good shops with variety are: one next/below to Zomza-Laundry-Cafe, another one at Bhagsu-road, right



Find plenty of them on the road above/parallel to the busstand/taxistand (naddi-road).

tibetan restaurant (forgot the name, pls add)

right opposite of shop next to laundry-cafe, place has a curtain instead of a door. Pretty small place, with good tibetan food for around 100 INR a dish

Common ground cafe

At Dharamkot-steep-road, good Tibetan food, good place, good people. More 2-300-ish INR for a dish

Japanese restaurant

Pls add its name if you know it. Its downwards at Jogiwara road, left hand side, close to geekroom.

Korean Restaurant

  • Pls add its name if you know it. Take Bhagsu road and turn right at the first concrete road, immedialy turn right again to enter stairs leading to the restaurant.
  • Another one at Jogiwara road, close to old-geekroom.

Kunga cafe

Bhagsu road, right hand side, has WiFi and good variety of food. Especially the so-called-italien things. Recommending: the spinach-quiche.

pls add your recommendation!

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