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Flashtalks are short and tiny, often spontaneous introductions into a topic of your interest and/or a project you are / have been working on.

It can also be a “rant” or a story you want to tell. You can use a projector, but you can also go without. Another word for it - e.g. used in the c3-Context is lighning talks. There it is stated that it shouldn't be longer than 5mins, but the hillhacks-reality told us, that 10-15mins are also quite reasonable for such a small introduction.

We used this format already on plenty of the pre-events, and also on site at hillhacks 2014. There is unfortunately barely any documentation on them.


  • Submit your ideas on flashtalks at
  • select presentation type as “FlashTalk”
  • leave event type empty
  • give a duration (e.g. 5, 10, 15, 20 min)
  • give an abstract (one sentence)
  • leave full description empty
  • give some details on yourself if you like

Ideas for hillhacks 2015

We invite you very much to note down on what topics you could give a flashtalk. To get inspired, have a look at the list of topics.


Title Present TypeNameAbstractEvent Type
netneutralityFlashTalksvaJust a definition + some analogy for you to explain the problem to non-techiesUnconference
street.artFlashTalkandreassome intro in contemporary street artUnconference
lockpickingFlashTalksvasva got plenty of tools with her, so flashtalk wouldbe the best to give an intro - and then directly head over to a lockpicking workshop then :)Unconference
hackerspaces.orgFlashTalksvaShort intro in the resources around hackspaces. Might be also getting into a longer talk, then I will change from flashtalk to talk...Unconference
fosstrFlashTalkdigenFostering Free & Open Source SoftwareUnconference
code.for.creativityFlashTalkRebecca MushtareRebecca Mushtare will discuss how she uses code to spark creativity as a maker/artist as well as how she uses code to spark creativity in her audiences. She will share recent projects as case studies.Unconference
the.indian.maker.movementFlashTalkSahil ThappaThe maker movement in the west has spread to a lot of different areas.Unconference 'Maker Space' works at large organization ? How we started & sustained maker activities at IT company ?Main Conference on what is open data and an introduction to data visualization and why these are important.Unconference Forum: Looking at HillHacks, and by extension hacking as an organism moving towards a certain configuration of ideal, what do we think about male-female identities playing out?Unconference kadyanLearn what goes inside making a persistence of vision display.Unconference's face it. Antivirus and Firewall/UTM technologies are over 30 years old.Main Conference
a_glimpse_into_standup_comedyFlashTalknavaneethFor a couple of months now, I've been performing at Open Mics and while dabbling in this I've had a few insights about the people and the work culture involved in this art form.
biodiversity_informatics_-_data_and_visualizations_for_conservationFlashTalk@@Your Name/Nick@@Biodiversity Informatics is the application of informatics techniques to biodiversity information for improved management, presentation, discovery, exploration and analysis. It typically builds on a foundation of taxonomic, biogeographic, or ecological information stored in digital form, which, with the application of modern computer techniques, can yield new ways to view and analyse existing information, as well as predictive models for information that does not yet exist (see niche modelling).Unconference
waste_management_-_lower_dharamshala_going_downhillFlashTalk@@Your Name/Nick@@Waste Management in Dharamshala area is still at a early stage.Main Conference
teaching_data_science_to_kidsFlashTalk@@Your Name/Nick@@Data Science for Kids is a program which conducts day long workshops for school children and introduces them to thinking quantitatively with the help of numbers and plots. We have conducted 3 workshops in India and one abroad. We upload the curriculum and idea online with the motive that people in various parts of the world conduct their own camps. In this talk I will give a brief introduction to the idea motivation and explain how one can hold a similar workshop.Main Conference

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