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With money a lot things would be easier… But even without any external funding we can already do a lot things, as many of us donate plenty of time, tools, knowledge, motivation and drive! We are all very new in this “funding-business”, but we'll do our very best to get some money to make some additional things happen! Please get involved if you want to contribute, too.

This page is part of the organizational (howto) chapter of hillhacks. We kindly ask you to also add and contact possible donors if you know any, easiest in the “unsorted list”. If you are unsure about editing, just drop us a line e.g. via email.

Possible Donors

At the moment our approach is trying to stay without any direct cooperate funds. Lets see if that'll work out…

List with deadlines


  • Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung
    • left wing foundation, german. For them we should create a “programme”, they wont fund the event itself directly.
    • sva is in contact with some ppl knowing them, no official contact so far, but in progress.


  • sva has close contact. But not many options.


> Deadline 1st May!

  • “Since 1997 NLnet foundation has been financially supporting organizations and people that contribute to an open information society. It funds software, events, educational activities –and more. The procedure is fast (huh) open to anyone. NLnet is unique in its open minded funding”
  • they gave 1000 EUR for hillhacks 2014 which we never got, cause they only give it after the event. sva tries to convince them to maybe double the amount for hillhacks 2015 then :)
    • “We also want to use the generated profits to enable hackerspaces around the world to grow and become even more excellent by giving away free kits and equipment to the hackerspaces.”
    • sva wrote them, if they can spend some kits for us.

To do!


  • 1st: do some more resarch on “what they want to hear” (aka: read a bit their stuff, also check if we would fit in any of their programmes?)
  • 2nd: create a (fake?) login, to see the questions and get an idea what they are asking
  • 3rd: copy the questions and requirements into a pad
  • 4th: start texting in the pad, include others
  • 5ht: create a serious login + apply!

* heinrich-boell-stiftung

unsorted list of possible donors

This is a wild list, collected since the first pad we had in October 2013. A lot people added things there, please do so, too!

  • Please go through the list and add your comments whereever there is a “?” somewhere, thanks!** This can be done e.g. which quotes from their websites, and/or your subjective perspective on what they state on the website. That would be quite helpful! Especially focus on the parts where it say FIXME :D
    • Big thing, would need a “programme” I think…
    • Not easy to understand where and how to apply, and if it makes sense at all. Maybe we should make a basic inquiry once?
      • Organisations/individuals must be result-oriented and have a sound financial plan
      • Hivos focus countries are (…) India (…)
      • Organisations/People that already have an agreement with Oxfam-Novib, ICCO, Cordaid or Plan Netherlands, are not eligible for Hivos support
      • Topics they fund: Green Food, Green Energy, Transparency & Accountability, Freedom of Expression, Sexual Rights and Diversity, Women's Empowerment
      • send in an application for general fund
      • receive an automatic confirmation
      • get contacted within six weeks by a program officer, otherwise we are rejected
      • probably requested to provide further/detailed information
      • maybe have to show up at Hhivos before final decision is made (program officer will tell us that)
    • They like to have an (annual) review of lessons learned, planned budgets and other data about the project. See
    • maybe applying to the Indian Chapter once directly?


    • “The Foundation’s focus is to raise awareness and funding for leveraging support of innovative projects, technologies and programs that are well vetted and capable of making global digital freedom a reality.”
    • “The funds will be used to support global Internet initiatives including raising awareness of Internet censorship and circumvention and supporting technologies that ensure global secure channels of communication.”
  • No information on how to apply, or do you see any? fixme
  • Maybe contacting them and asking?

* Open Company Initiative An group of companies that are committed to openness.

  • maybe asking the companies to support us?
    • regularly collaborates with non-profits (…) and events on the ground
    • is is about sustainability. that has to be made clear in the application.
    • They are more focused on campaigns and huge impact, most things they did in the past involved a media campaign, too
    • Think of them as Journalists visiting the event and making us heard via their press releases and media platform
    • they request
      • Branding as „Media Partner‟ for the event
      • Facilitate access to key speakers, event organizers, jury members, award nominees for interviews prior and during the event
    • Display of The Alternative logo on the event website and other online communication collaterals with link to the website
    • Display of The Alternative logo (and description) in the conference posters, brochure and other print collaterals
      • 1 Complimentary pass (if applicable) for a staff Journalist to attend the event and cover the proceedings
    • they provide
      • Announcement of the event in our event listings together with the essential details and the logo
      • Interviews of key stakeholders (e.g. speakers, event organizers, award nominees) as part of the pre-event and on-event coverage
      • Share the event via our weekly newsletter and social media channels to all our subscribers with link to the event site
      • Link to the official press release from our portal
      • Provide coverage of the event proceedings on The Alternative; The organizer can cross-share the content via their channels


  • looks interesting…
  • can someone make some more reading on it, and get an idea if we should apply? Maybe also rather with HWB then?



  • Art and culture


    • “if you carefully review our issue areas and list of current grantees, and feel your project is strongly aligned with our funding strategy, please contact us via the form at the bottom of this page.”
    • Someone has to read the stuff carefully and maybe make a summary, so that we can decide if it makes sense to apply
      • I think the event is in line with their goals. We should point out that we are bringing a lot of inspiration and knowledge about former unknown applications of technology to a less tech-driven area. I don't think chances are too bad for getting funds. If it is a one time application, we may even ask for the Rapid fund.


  • “OpenITP provides material support to free and open source software projects that make tools for **circumventing digital surveillance and censorship.**”
  • they want a specific topic that is being worked on and they want to see outcome
  • they fund (legally? unclear) risky projects, if the project is within their focus which is “small, targeted”
  • they call for applications twice a year, spring and fall


  • “As a small and dynamic organisation, we are always on the look out for new projects and opportunities. If you are interested in collaborating with us contact us at”
  • not sure, but we could drop them a letter about the whole HWB-thing and the work in India, what do you think?

* stuff that is still without any further comment taken from the first pad-version of this page. Feel free to google them and add some more information! FIXME

  • philan-tourism event? with the hacker event as one portion
  • Techshop
  • Autodesk
    • do we wanna have money from companies anyway?

lists of more possible funds

Most probably not useful

Here we collect funds and stuff we saw and which might be interesting for singular projects or individuals, but most probably not interesting for hillhacks itself. But for documentation and also as a ressource for other projects we'd like to keep them here.


  • need to keep an eye on it, they have different areas where they request proposals somtimes, and in some of them we fit.


  • Media Ambassadors India-Germany ⇒ maybe the next round then?
    • for the projects with the kids? Can someone check and give opinion?
    • needs FCRA in India… but maybe if we once have a partner having this. Does TVC have FCRA?


  • ford foundation is huge! But most probably nothing for us though…

* open knowledge foundation

  • privacy international
    • they don't have an funding application program

* more bussiness-ish:

For the Future / TBD

For HackBeack

In November we plan to have HackBeach in Kerala. There is also a surf- and skateboard school involved.


  • Kickstarter (IndieGogo ?)
    • Could possibly raise funds for the event via Kickstarter. Tax liabilities would be an issue though.
    • groundworkopportunities uses middle class champions to raise money for causes usually not more than $5K or so though
    • I propose as a better place for this. Kickstarter got once famous by not giving the group then the money for strange reasons… but also I would see this as kind-of an last option. (But I know it would work good if we spread it in Europe)

* Check out this twitter conversation:

The Past


  • german foundation, close to CCC.
  • we got 1.500 EUR for hillhacks 2014, Thank you!
    • Network The World is a nonprofit public benefit corporation. Its mission is to help improve quality of life and help reduce poverty in the developing world by improving Internet access and communications infrastructure.
    • They brought me (Akiba) out to teach a comms/sensor network workshop originally. Might be willing to fund another workshop which could be tied into the event
    • they gave 4000 USD for hillhacks 2014, thank you!

Legal issues

Be aware that an Indian Trust / NGO / non-profit or similar cannot receive foreign money. An solution might be, to route that money via non-Indian persons? Better would be a non-profit that has the following certs:

1. Tax exemption under India's Income Tax Act. 2. FCRA clearance (to be able to receive money from a foreign entity)

For now we do have a German Association/NGO/Charity, called hackers without borders e.V. for raising and routing the money…

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