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Hacking At The Beach in Kerala

When ?

26th Nov 2016 - 4th Dec 2016! Unconference 26th - 2nd Dec. Conference: 3rd, 4th Dec. Teardown 5th Dec.


Same as hillhacks, just at the beach.

  • Being there as a hackerspace (like we live up here in the mountains in infinity hackbase in the summer)
    • Living and hacking together, also preparing the main hackbeach
    • Most probably August-November 2015 (maybe longer… up to how many ppl will be with us!)
  • Doing workhops with Locals, Kids, Students etc:
  • Leading all this into the main conference
    • talks and workshops, art and making, all these tech-geek-nerd-things, but also entertainment/ get together / live together
    • Something like a “long weekend”



Kovalam, Kerala.

We have a hackerspace a 100m from the waves. A place at the beach for the main part. We already have contact to a local school-initiative with an awesome surf- and skateboard school attached.



Just a bunch of people wanting to know more about the world (and some trying hard to find bugs and fix them)


You? (Contact)

Yes please! Please write us, for now mail(at) or better directly join #hackbeach on and speak directly to us! Find webchat here, enter #hackbeach as a channel.

. . .


After hillhacks 2014 some of us flee from the mountains to the warmth of the beached, so here sva and cherry chat about hillhacks, s'hacks and lots of ideas for hacking by the beach, while sitting at Kovalam beach



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