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This was a pre-event for the hillhacks which will happen in Dharamsala in October (~11-27). The event was conducted along with Software Freedom Day celebrations in National Institute of Technology Hamirpur. The entire event was hosted by GNU's Linux Users Group GLUG-NITH of The National Institute of Technlogy.

The main attractions of the day were:

(Dont wonder about the SSl-cert warning your browser gives you, rather learn what it means via the Cryptoslides)

The Workshops are mainly documented also via this etherpad.

Pls request original .odt files via sva if you need them e.g. via IRC.

To know more about the Software Freedom Day Celebrations at National Institute of Technology Hamirpur, Click here.


Free the Web

Where does the Internet come from, what is the web and what is its difference to the internet, where does both come from, how did they establish, how are they developed, and where do they go?

Sva will present a history of the internet and its basic concept (e.g RFCs) followed by some alternative approaches and thoughts & ideas where it could go. She will try to develop ideas together with the audience, to get one day to a Web and Internet that we want!

Free the Map

Free the Map Maps are an invention of the modern man to understand the world we live in and gain control of its resources. Maps make visible the otherwise invisible connection between human and nature, and help us better plan human activity like navigation, construction and mining that are essential for human survival.

In our country, maps remain a restricted commodity, with most of us never having seen a map of our own neighborhood or village. Free software has now given the power of information back to the people for us to reclaim the knowledge of our own environment. If we don't control our own map and environment, someone else will.

In this hands-on workshop, we will understand the significance of maps in our lives, and see how citizens of the world are mapping their neighbourhoods to create the most detailed map of the world that is completely free for anyone to use and build upon. We will look into various mapmaking techniques such as GPS surveying and remote sensing to map our area of interest and further look at ways to use the data including making custom maps and GIS.


Free the Communication

Learn how to protect your online communication and activities on a daily base! Get to know the very basics of encryption, and directly learn how to use them.

sva gives a brief, rough introduction on basic concepts of cryptography, afterwards everyone can directly try out what you have learned. Bring your laptops and smartphones!

more: She will e.g. explain how public-key-encryption works, which can be used for email encryption, and also directly tell what software needs to be installed and configured to use it. Another topic will be e.g. secure webbrowsing via Tor: Again the concept behind it will be introduced as well as the actual way to use it. Very important is also short-messaging (like whats-app etc) and use of protecting methods on mobile phones.

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