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hillhacks – at IIT Kanpur

If not stated otherwise, all events take place at Room CS101, Department of CSE, IIT Kanpur. Thanks a lot to IIT Kanpur for kind support!

21st May, 5pm, Security & Protection

See Know more about encryption and how to use online!

  • 5pm: sva will give an introduction into basic principles of encryption and shows some of the usual ways to encrypt communication online.
  • 6pm: have your hands on your devices, install software, generate keys and learn how to use them.
22nd May, 4pm, Project Saraswati I

On technology, details see here (PDF).

22nd May, 6pm, HowTo TechConference

 what, and CCC have in common... 
 and how-to run a conference for and by the community?

  • is… **

… an unconference who are primarily from IIT Kanpur. The aim is to spread awareness about F/OSS and to provide a platform for hackers to present talks/seminars which the participants want to hear!

  • is… **

… space and place for various temporary hackspaces with tools, workshops and playing around, leading into a conference and maker exhibition in Dharamsala/India, happening in October.

  • Chaos Communication Congress (C3 by CCC) is…**

… an annual four-day conference on technology, society and utopia. For 30 years, the congress has been organized by the community.

  • We are all together…**

… self-motivated and independent hackers and makers from India and all over the world. We wanna go the open source way, because we love what we do and believe in the strength/goodness(??) of our tools and knowledge.

At IIT Kanpur @sva and @adarshaj will present those three concepts, and then talk about how to run a conference on learning, but on the fun, the joy and the mindfulness: People that think differently about technology and de-emphasize the commercial and exclusionist aspects of it come together and share thoughts to contribute to an open information society.

23rd May, 2pm to 5pm, Project Saraswati II

On making a living while being free, details see here (PDF).

Location: CS101, Department of CSE, IIT Kanpur.

23rd May, 9pm onwards, Project Saraswati III

On the university of life, details see here (PDF).

Location: Lounge, Department of CSE, IIT Kanpur.

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