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Kathmandu pre-event poster is here. share and spread it! (Find printer-friendly b/w version here).

Sat, 6th September, 5PM: Encrypt!

Find Details here:

Mon, 8th September, 5PM: Internet, where do you go?

sva will present a history of the internet, followed by thoughts and ideas where it could go and develop. What is the web and the internet, where does it come from, how did it establish, and where does it go?

It would be awesome to have some more small lightning talks around the topic of an free and open web and internet (eg netneutrality etc) or other free and open developments. It would be also awesome to have someone briefly explaining the Nepal connectivity situation.

Please edit this page if you have anything to share!


It will be happening at Karkhana (about

Thanks for the wonderful support!

Pre-Cryptoparty @Himalaya College Of Engineering :: Feb 2nd, 2015

Students of Himalaya College of Engineering were given some insights of basics of cryptography, and the session ended with short-demo of gpg creating keys, and encrypting and decrypting. This event is meant to be followed by a Cryptoparty where we'll share public keys, do a detailed demo, and learn about Enigmail and other encrypted-messaging techniques.

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