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hillhacks - in mumbai

Just a short notice….

3rd of June, at Makers Asylum. 6:30 pm onwards. Directions/Map here : Maker's Asylum

Short presentations and demos of projects around technology and making, and it's impact on our world and society (and what we can do about it).

Possible Topics and Speaker
  • sva: Hillhacks - About the event
  • RFID attendance system for Makers Asylum (Kaustubh Shivdikar)
  • Telescopes in the Hills (Henna Khan)
  • Lock Picking (Gaurav Chaturvedi)
  • 3D Printing - it's not just about trinkets (Vaibhav Chabbra)
  • Maker Passport
  • Arduino (Ankit Daftary)
  • Crypto-Currency - Bit Coins (Aditya Sengupta)
  • BADGEr - E-Paper Badge (Anool)
  • WIG - The annual Wyolum Innovation Grant (Anool)
  • My ShapeOko CNC milling machine build
  • Augmenting reality for education (Shubhankar Potdar)
  • sva: hacker teaching kids, parents, teachers, students technology; in schools, but also around

This is a pre-event for something that will happen in Dharamshala/Himachal in October (~15th to 27th).

But what is this all about? A lot

We are providing a space and place for various temporary hackspaces with technology, art and education workshops, leading into a conference and maker exhibition in Dharamsala/India. This region in the foothills of the Himalayas is directly affected by a concrete idea of freedom as it hosts the Tibetan Community in Exile.

As a group of self-motivated and independent hackers and makers from India, Tibet, Japan, Germany and the US, we want to educate children and the interested general public. We hope to get them thinking critically and creatively and to develop thoughts and ideas with the tools and knowledge they will be exposed to.

Likewise important, we want to bring together the Indian and Tibetan hackers and makers, to have more self-motivated, free and open developments in technology e.g. in ethics, arts and security. With the demise of, the whole subcontinent has the need for a gathering of the open information society, focused on the love and joy of free and open source technology and knowledge. A celebration of the hacker way, doing things just for the interest, the curiosity!

even some more text...

From around 13th of October onwards we will prepare and conduct workshops. Already outlined are workshops that includes soldering and lasercutting, others will teach web development, security, and protection online. In addition there will be some general introductions into topics like Wikipedia or OpenStreetMaps (that is astonishingly good in the Himalayas), networks and the history of the internet and web, as well as the making-side of hacking and using technology in creative contexts.

Besides learning and teaching it is also about the joy and mindfullness: People that think differently about technology and de-emphasize the commercial and exclusionist aspects of it come together and share thoughts to contribute to an open information society. As such a society, we are free to shape our world, if we use the power of our combined heads, hands and hearts – we have more knowledge then all the companies and governments together.

For that reason the workshops culminate into a conference of like-minded people, surrounded by the temporary hackspaces as homes of various projects and their tools. Those homes will be similar to the concept of the assemblies of the CCC conferences – those conferences are are serving as an example in many ways.

The current plan is to have three central themes to the event: Art, Ethics and Security, but this is only be a guiding frame, and means no limitations.

Event report

The evening at the Maker's Asylum was attended by around 15~20 enthusiasts, who listened to several interesting presentations. For a detailed run-down of the evening, follow this link :

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