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Hillhacks is solely based on your participation. The whole initiative is voluntary; every one of us has the most amazing time just because of all the amazing people who join us up here in the mountains. That approach only works the “FLOSS-way”, where just about everyone contributes as much as possible - be it with money, hand, heart or brain ;)

Doesn't matter what you do or where you are located, we have challenges for everyone in every corner of the world :D
So find a way to join in, help us out and have some fun while you're at it!

Join the conversation

Subscribe the Mailinglist, join the chat, follow and interact with hillhacks-twitter.

Spread the word

Tell your friends and other people you like about hillhacks. We haven't done any true “outreach” so far, but the message has spread virally. We like this approach as well, as it reaches the “right” people by that way. Another reason is just the lack of time and resources. So if you are up for some more campaigning, please contact us. Best would be to directly write to the mailinglist.

Organize and Plan

Before the conference there is plenty to do too. Subscribe to the mailinglist to keep track of what is going on and participate in the decision making process. Don't forget to leave your name and some words here. Join us on our weekly meetings over Mumble every Wednesdays at 19:30 IST to help with the organization of the event.

Edit this wiki

This is a wiki and there are still a lot of incomplete/non-updated pages. Please feel free to edit anytime! Find edit buttons at each paragraph, or open the “toolbox” right hand side to get into the edit mode of a full page. Add geeky pictures or fitting memes, fix typos, share comments and ideas! If you are not familiar with the syntax of dokuwiki please find help here (or join the chat and ask for help there).

Come over!

First step to participate is to sign-up and show us you are interested in coming up to the event. Whether you join us for codecamp, the unconference, school programs or main conference, we'd love to know you are going to be there.

Learn or Mentor at CodeCamp (Starting April 4)

Freeman Murray from Jaaga (Bangalore) will lead a CodeCamp for young adults contemplating a career in software. If you have a laptop, some English, and an interest in programming you are welcome to participate. You may choose to stay for the entire camp or drop in for a shorter period. Accommodation is available on site, or stay anywhere locally.

Make the Unconference (May 23 - June 3)

Before the conference starts, we have an incredible community Unconference to share ideas amongst each other and to bring them to the local villages. From DIY sessions to a technology mela, you are invited to bring your own ideas and projects to share. Submit your session here!

Teach in the School Programs (May 21 - June 1)

We do school outreach in the region to bring science, math, and arts to schools. If you are interested, please read more about this year's school program and get in touch.

Present at the Main Conference (June 1 - 5)

Check the call for participation or papers for our main conference, or directly submit your session here. Sharing ideas and knowledge is the most amazing thing in the world, isn't it?

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