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2015 Sponsors, Supporters, & Partners

Local ISPs providing us Internet under the most difficult circumstances...

  • Air Jaldi for the free sponsorship of 2mbps for one month
  • Vayudoot for 10mbps for May at super-discounted rate

Thank you!

Most of the partners below still apply ;) Moneywise we haven't been that hard-working this year, so barely applied for any grants, and haven't received that much:

  • Network of the world, for spending us 2500 USD (pending), Thank you!
  • NLnet, for spending additional 1000 EUR (pending), Thank you!

. .

2014 Sponsors, Supporters, & Partners


Those are the ones we actually got (or will get) money from. Thank you very much!

Local ISP providing us Internet, Thank you very much!

  • Vayudoot for providing 8mbps for the month of October at super discounted rate
  • Air Jaldi for the free sponsorship of 8mbps for the main conference

Last but not least

  • mindgrep – endless, deep and lovely support in just everything on site here in Dharamshala – Thanks so much for being there for us all this time! Mindgrep is included from the very first second: first cryptoparty in July 2013, conducted the congress-everywhere pre-event, founded the infinity hackbase which provides us space, got the domains, is!
  • * stickma and wildsmile for many many stickers for free + free shirt printing screens, cloth-colour, caring for hwb and what not!




Partners for the pre-events

Those were helping us spreading the message, providing a venue for the pre-events etc. Thanks a lot!


Ideas and Connections

This is a list of other organisations that might be interesting to collaborate with. Please add more (would be also interesting to collect anyway for the upcoming years)

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