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Learn how to protect your online communication and activities on a daily base! Have a cryptoparty all together! Get to know the very basics of encryption, and directly learn how to use them.

You will get an introduction on basic concepts of cryptography: e.g. how public-key-encryption works, which can be used for email encryption. You will be shown what software needs to be installed and configured to directly use it. Another topic will be e.g. secure webbrowsing via Tor: Again the concept behind it will be introduced as well as the actual way to use it. Very important is also short-messaging (like whats-app etc) and use of protecting methods on mobile phones.

While learning what is there, we will also directly install and use it!


Geekroom McLeod, directions will follow. Its on Yogiwara road close to Rewa Cafe. We will also hang up signs at the day itself to show the directions.


  • Sun 19th October
  • Start: 1 PM
  • End: Open
    • You should bring some hours of time if you really want to learn.


  • Everyone!**


  • Know how to install Software on your Laptop/Smartphone.
     * Willingness to learn! (important!)


It would be helpful if you write us an email to mail(at)hillhacks(dot)in if you plan to attend.


Check out the other pre-events or to get an idea, eg on hamirpur there is some description (at the bottom) and slides linked (above), so you can see what will be done on such a session on protection. Dont worry if that all looks very foreign and strange to you. This is for absolute beginners, and after some hours you'll be pretty familiar with all the stuff described there. **Its super easy!**

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