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School Program Evaluation


  • For each class we need to say what change we expect to see as a result, this then informs what we measure. There are a fairly diverse range of topics on offer, but I guess we can group them together a bit so we don’t have to come up with a different way of measuring for each.

* The “beneficiaries” should be providing the “evidence”. Broadly this means that we should be asking the kids to provide feedback, or collecting evidence from them in some way.

  • If we have any requirements from funders on how we measure stuff, this should be known and included.

Other things to consider:

  • Sample size
  • Can a point of comparison used to show that a change has happened? Baseline / control.
  • Have a way to record unexpected changes
  • Try to avoid biases in your method of collection.

Next steps

1. We need to say what changes we expect, then figure out how we can measure this. The first step here is to write a brief lesson plan for your class/workshop and add it to the Etherpad

2. If we’re going to be applying for funding in future, and anyone knows anything about their requirements then please raise that now.


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