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A friend of ours was kind enough to print stickers for us. We decided to make a wiki page where we could collect everyone's slogans, logos, designs, other artwork ideas to make full use of this oppurtunity :D

So feel free to add slogans, artwork etc that you wanted printed to this page. It could be anything from free software organisation logos to popular hacker/maker/technology/design slogans and images to a witty slogan or interesting design/artwork you came up with or whatever other interesting/relevant stuff you can think of. See an example of such a collection here.

For stickers, logos and other artwork you can add external links or upload media to this wiki and reference it on this page. For slogans just append the line(s) followed by an empty newline after each of the slogans.


  • Art is Resistance
  • Fart is Resistance
  • Clean → wasted
  • “Dont …. the internet” (replace … with a censor-bar)
  • Yes, let's!
  • lalalalala
  • I think you're brilliant
  • human being • human doing
  • the usual stuff that is universal/independent from language
  • your ideas?







The logo Tesseract captures the 4th dimension of the square. Square as a symbol is a human creation. It can be used for stickers, for making stencils and as a print on apparels or other surface.


Hill Hacking




Laibach Cross




And here is a better .SVG:

And more versions, also with colour:

waste warriors



we also get some screens for printing shirts, yay!

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