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Many of the on-site tasks are passed along by word of mouth, so jump in when someone asks for volunteers - an extra hand is always welcome. Visit the announcement board on the downer terrace for tasks and volunteering that you can schedule into, like manning the registration table, setting up equipment for workshops, helping with directions, fetching supplies, and everything else you can imagine. But also organizing and all the preparations are done by volunteers only. You can be part of that, too!


  • Get the word out on Twitter or your favourite social network.
  • Write an article or blog post about hillhacks and let us know.

Get involved

Get involved in organising and running hillhacks. Follow the ongoing things in the mailinglist, our irc chatroom and follow the ongoing things and conversations there. For other sorts of volunteer activities, please read the participate and howto pages to see the different ways in which you can contribute to hillhacks. Also check out our trello board (not very well maintained) for things you can help out with. For more details on working with our trello setup, refer to this pad.

In case of any queries, feel free to contact us.


Team Overview

There are plenty of things to care of, so we tried to form various teams, each working on different topics, but all of them working hand-in-hand with each other, too.

Just briefly listening the teams here. If you want to get in contact, join the IRC or write us an email - if you are on site already, speak to any of the names mentioned down there. The one in brackets haven't arrived yet, but will be reachable via IRC and/or mail.

PS: “teams” not necessarily means that there is a proper team yet. Sometimes it also needs to be seen as a “ToDo”, like the design-team ;) Also feel free to add a new team for any topic if you like!


you can be a part remotely, too:

communication / information

  • contact: twitter, mails, website, writing the information on site, etc
  • talk to: **sva**, malik, rajesh, you?
  • Next steps:
    • having more ppl behind the @hillhacks twitter account
    • (re-)structuring the wiki, publishing information
    • following up on all the sign-ups

infrastructure / tech

  • tools: like the backend of the wiki, website, ML, etc
  • talk to: **debanjum**, santhosh, sva, you?
  • next steps:
    • all is up-and-running. See tools
    • nice-to-have: setting own infrastructure!
    • nice-to-have: local services like local etherpad, torrent tracker, etc


  • cfp, submission form: like programme planning of the events, getting us to the schools, etc
  • talk to (general questions): **sva**
    • CodeCamp: freeman, ayush, romain
    • un-conference: debanjum
    • Schools: (tink)
    • main conference: (shreyas)
  • next steps:
    • inviting ppl to submit sessions
    • creating somewhat of a calendar, giving dates to events


  • funding: getting money ;)
  • talk to: sva, kondi, you?
  • next steps:
    • checking where can we apply for next year and/or for hackbeach and/or for a whole programme around hwb (hackers without borders)


  • media: like making pictures, but also very much collecting and putting them somewhere. Also collecting blog entries.
  • film documentation: like shooting with a camera and editing afterwards
  • talk to: (mallik), Rajesh D. (Mandi) you?
  • next steps:


  • design: like creating and iterating the logo, but also maybe adding some CSS to this wiki?
  • talk to: **sva,** you?
  • next steps:
    • creating the badge for printout


  • would be nice to talk to them…
  • talk to: **sva,** ayush, (tenzin)
  • next steps:


  • rules for this area. We want to have mapped ALL THE things here!
  • talk to: **debanjum**, malik, (arun), you?
  • next steps:
    • force _everyone_ who is on site to install OSM-trackers on their smartphones, and they shall track the way whenever its not correct on the map yet, and upload afterwards
    • edit this data into openstreetmap :)


only/mainly possible once on site

network infrastructure

  • Setting up a proper network on site, see for details
  • talk to: **kondi**, cherry, devin, trouble, ashwin, you?
  • next steps:
    • setting up the vayudoot line
    • hanging up more APs
    • creating local services? see also infrastructure/tech

welcome / registration

  • welcoming new people, showing them around, getting their accommodation in place, giving them information, making the registration
  • talk to: **sva**, steph, ashwin, dheeraj, hari, sansar, you?
  • next steps:
    • collecting the useful information (maybe entering a new chapter in FAQ?
    • checking the confirmed participants, who is arriving next?
    • checking when to we need how many additional tents and sleeping bags?
    • always knowing the count of ppl on site, each day!

temporary structures

  • temporarystructures: planning, creating and building tents and bamboo structures on site, getting the gear and material for it, etc
  • talk to: tink, debanjum, freeman, sva, you?
  • next steps:
    • checking out what we have e.g. in big tent sheets (ask sva) and developing ideas from what is available
    • getting wood and bamboo for first test-constructions


  • power everywhere! E.g. caring to produce more power plugs and extension cords.
  • talk to: **RTDP**, naval, hari, trouble, you?
  • next steps:
    • producing the new batch of multiple power plugs
    • making an assumption what is needed for light on the lots

inventory (HH equipment)

  • keeping track on our stuff, what is there, who needs it when, where is it at the moment, what more do we need? Also: Inventory of the house itself. Where is what thing?
  • talk to: **cherry**, santosh, you ?
  • next steps:
    • putting the inventory list online
    • updating tools
    • setting up a process for checkin/out of things

inventory (Shiv Shakti)

  • keeping track on our stuff, what is there, who needs it when, where is it at the moment, what more do we need? Also: Inventory of the house itself. Where is what thing?
  • talk to: **kondi**, santosh
  • next steps:
    • putting the inventory list online
    • updating tools
    • setting up a process for checkin/out of things


  • pricing: handling all the money stuff on site, paying bills, keeping track on the in/out, receiving ticket payments, doing the accounting, etc
  • talk to: **hari**, karan, rajesh, sva, you?
  • next steps:
    • everything is setted up, now its the daily work that has to be taken care of


  • getting stuff! Will require not much time, but sometimes one has to react fast!
  • talk to: sva, debanjum, you?
  • next steps:

waste management

  • preparing proper dispose-stations, keeping contact with wastewarriors
  • talk to: **sva**, cherry, dheeraj, freeman, you?
  • next steps:
    • re-sorting incoming trash
    • being creative with the trash that is there

set-up / deco

  • making the space cosy (has to do with lamps and lights, but also with furniture and that stuff
  • talk to: **RTDP**, sva, trouble, Naval
  • next steps:
    • getting the terrace of the other house into shape


  • food! Caring for the late night kitchen (eg supplies)
  • talk to: hari, kondi, sansar you?
  • next step:
    • setting up the kitchen

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