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Collaboration Tools

We choose FOSS options whenever possible. Please keep in mind that all of our infrastructure is provided by people that do this service just for fun, the heck of it and because they wanna help. So there is no SLA or anything. Please do not rely on a single media and have backups. Any service might be just gone for some days, please keep this in mind for all time.

Please feel very invited to provide us more infrastructure and tools!

Mailing Lists

To post to the main list, send your message to **** Please introduce yourself briefly on the list after you have subscribed. Also check subscriber list and add yourself.

These mailman mailinglists are provided by Arthur in Germany. So if there is ever any issue he can be contacted here: or directly in the IRC-channel.

Moderators and Admins are at the moment: akiba–freaklabs–org; cherry–zyx–in; sva–ccc–de; arl4223–packetjunkie–net.

Mailing List Archive(s):

 - [[]]
 - [[]]
 - [[]] (middle list, Start 2014)
 - [[]] (first list: End 2013)


Some of us hang around at #hillhacks on OFTC network: irc://

What is IRC? Join without installing an app or a client: Click the link and enter “hillhacks” as channel.

Conference calls

We schedule conference calls to help with decisions and planning. Currently, Wednesday at 6 pm IST weekly. We connect via Mumble.


 * Server:
 * Port: 64738 (thats the default port)
 * Channel: fnord
 * (username: whatever you like)
 * (password: leave empty)

Mumble on Android:

Apps I tried out are called “mumble” and “plumble” (both free).

  • In short, for Android, plumble
    • install plumble, add server:
      • label: (what you like)
      • address:
      • port: (leave as it is)
      • name: (your name)
      • password: (leave empty!)
    • connect
    • change to channel fnord
      • either drag and drop your name into group “fnord”
      • or click on “fnord” until you see an arrow at the upper right, click that!

Mumble on other devices:


We have a dokuwiki at with a pretty wrapping page at You are welcome to edit the wiki, add new pages or otherwise improve it at any time.

Domains: we own,,, and Thanks to and for sponsoring those for now. We would love to have h3.<tld> as well, so if anyone would like to sponsor this, please contact us!

Twitter, pls join the communication team for logins.

Facebook, who has access here? FIXME

Shared Task & To Do Systems


Our main “To Do” list is here:

PLEASE do jump in and take on a task or two.


DEPRECIATED: OTRS is not there anymore since Oct/Nov 2014

arl4223 has setup an OTRS system which is fetching Currently the following persons have access to this system: sva, akiba, arl4223, debanjum, haseeb

If you think you should have access to this system contact one of this persons in the irc channel or over the mailing list.

DEPRECIATED: OTRS is not there anymore since Oct/Nov 2014


We use Etherpads for a shared, community editable document system for notes, call agendas, and drafts before updating the wiki. Create an account to log in or use them as a guest. Create a new pad with simply typing “” into your webbrowser.

This server is currently managed by Arthur (

Other etherpad sites we have used:


This was made for the website, but pls feel free to use it :) The pre-page on is in a github, see here:

Tools for Workshops and More


There are some blogposts, more coming soon!

But in short: We have multiple Thinkpad X60 laptops for workshops and coding, and we have some soldering irons, desoldering, hot air stations, variable power supplies, multimeters, assorted e-waste for repair/repurpose/component salvage, breadboards, some IC's, transistors and other components. Also we have a ground stock of hand-carpentry tools. This time we also have a microscopy :)

Other tools

CCC tools

At c3 we already have some tools already developed, like

  • pentabarf/frab for programme planning,
  • for organising shifts of volunteers
  • a purchase-tickets-system plus the whole backend of cash flow around

I will try to find out how and which would be useful for us, and if those (volunteers) are willing to provide us those services, too.

Hasgeek tools

Hasgeek has this thing called eventframe:

Doodle we can use that one instead of centralized services. Provided by a friend of sva.

Pastebin again we can use that nstead of centralized services. Provided by a friend of sva.

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