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Going for a walk or trek

You can move in 360 degree and find plenty of options to make use of day in the mountains. Ghoomakad is just perfect located to go for small walks or longer treks.



  • Infinite places are there to roam around here . Once you get here you you will know about it as the space is FOSS .
  • You just need to have good trekking shoes .


One day Treks

There are more, pls add them!



The one-and-only famous Trek uphill, brings you on a very safe path up to 2800m. You will find chai, maggi and simple guesthouses up there.

  • Start at Shiv Shakti to the Watertank
     * Ask for the way to Gallu-Temple
     * Once reached Gallu-Temple, ask for the way to Triund or just keep right on the path.
     * Follow that path only. If there is any choice, choose the one going uphill.

Start in the morning, reach around noon, and go back to reach back in time (while it is still bright!)


More Day Treks


Kareri Lake

Beautiful Lake above Kareri. Take 3 days for that tour! Find this hut on the way and maybe stay there overnight:


Indrahar Pass (4300m)

The usual trek for visitors up into the mountains: The first part (to Triund, 2800m) can also be done as a day-trek. We recommend everyone coming for longer to at least go to Triund for a day. For Indrahar one should take at least two nights, better three. More info below, feel free to add!

Good shoes and a backpack are required (can be bought in McLeod, too), sleeping bags etc can be rented.

Who wants to go?

  • You can go whenever you want to or when you are in good mood.

Other time

  • pls add your name, possible timerange, contact etc.
  • pls add your name, possible timerange, contact etc.


(Copy and paste from Wikipedia):

//Indrahar (इन्द्रहार) Pass is a mountain pass in the Dhauladhar range of the Himalayas. Located at 32°17.852′N 76°22.872′E and an altitude of 4,342 metres (14,245 ft) above mean sea level, near the tourist town of Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh, Indrahar pass forms the border between Kangra and Chamba districts. It is part of a very popular trekking route from Dharamshala. It attracts substantial tourist traffic during the trekking season between April–October.

The trekking trail to Indrahar pass starts from Galu Devi temple above Dharamkot village near Dharamsala and passes through the popular camping ground of Triund, Ilaqua/Laka Got, and Lahesh Caves. Popular stops are Triund (tents / resthouses) at 2842 metres and Lahesh Caves (camp inside the cave) at 3475 metres. On the other side of the pass, the camping sites include Chhata caves at 3242 metres and Kuarsi village in Chamba at 2260 metres.// (Copy and paste from Wikipedia)

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