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Hillhacks Unconference, May 23 - June 3

Hillhacks begins on May 7th with CodeCamp and ramps up as people arrive. The core of the Unconference takes place in the ten days leading up to the main conference and it is chock full of activities and projects. Jump in and play with one of these proposals, or bring your own. If you are interested in joining in any of these, please contact the project lead on the mailing list, irc, or directly.

DIY Hands-On

We have the tools and manpower to bring your idea to life. Get hands-on experience in carpentry, simple electronics, and soldering. - Dates: May 23 - June 3 - Lead: sva - Venue: Shiv Shakti

Radio Hillhacks

Let's create a little online radio station to share music and other audio files. Maybe we can even livecast the main conference. - Dates: May 18 - June 3 - Lead: devin - Venue: Shiv Shakti

Laptop Hackday

A day-long marathon of repairing and upgrading laptops. Bring your own or bring some to donate and let's see what we can do to get them in good working order. - Date: - Lead: - Venue: Shiv Shakti

Build a Telescope

We're raising funds to buy materials to build a 6“ telescope. See the details here: - Date: May 22 - May 25 - Lead: Anish - Venue: Shiv Shakti

Mapping for OSM

- Date: FIXME! - Lead: FIXME! (Debanjum?) - Venue: Shiv Shakti and around

Film making workshop

- Date: FIXME! - Lead: FIXME! (Malik?) - Venue: Shiv Shakti

NULL meet

- Date: FIXME! - Lead: FIXME! - Venue: Shiv Shakti

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