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who we are

We are just a bunch of people that got connected by crazy and various circumstances, in a spontaneous and still very dynamic way.

Be one of them!

Learn more on this open coalition of independent community volunteers from various places on the page on the Himachal Hill Hackers, and more on the history on this group on this chapter in the timeline. Also find the page on events of the Chaos Communication Club (CCC) as a main inspiration of who we are, what we want to do, and how we got together.


Participants 2015

In the signup-form we do ask, if we can publish that they participate. Here is the result. Be aware that many ppl decided not to publish their presence.



As the mailinglist is our main communication channel, on this page are some subscribers listed (please feel free to add yourself!).

Besides the subscribers there are some more people involved on different sides and ends e.g. people providing tools or people involved via a partner organisation, different members of groups on site, etcpp.


To keep a little track on who is talking to each other, here is a subscriber list. Please add your name here once subscribed, and also some words on your person, if you like. The mailinglist has around 180 subscribers at the moment April 2015), so not everyone at all is listed here.

Easiest is to keep this list sorted by alphabet:

  • adarshaj: PhD student at IIT Kanpur, hacker, entrepreneur and foss enthusiast. currently into web security research and a full stack web developer in free time. @adarshaj/+AdarshJagannatha
     * Akiba: Specializes in wireless sensor networks. Design consultant for United Nations. Currently trying to establish hackerfarm in Japan, a hackerspace on a farm and experiment to intersect technology and agriculture. 
     * anirudh: Researching augmented reality with transparent oleds and fabrication tools at MIT Media Lab. Background in augmented reality, wearable computing, 3d, fashion. started the Lechal shoe project.  see for more.
     * Anuvrat Gambhir - An Infosec Practitioner based out of Chandigarh. Passionate about Security stuff happening around the world.
     * arl4223: just a random dude who helps out in the CCC-NOC (Chaos Comunication Congress, OHM2013 etc.)
     * Arun Ganesh, see for more. Co-founder of Ghoomakad/Infinity
     * Aseem Jakhar: Security researcher, open source contributor and Entrepreneur. Co-Founder - nullcon Security Conference, Goa. Director - Research at Payatu Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Co-Founder - null - The open security community.
     * Ayush Ghai - co-Founder of Ghoomakad/infinity hackbase in Dharamshala, head of
     * Cherry - Member of Ghoomakad/Infinity, C programmer - helping out with mailing list and IT related tasks.
     * Chris Hand - Interaction Designer and Teacher from UK, based in India since 2010. Interested in creative application of technology, teaching & [e]learning, community empowerment. Twitter: @_ChrisHand
     * David Huang - Hardware Hacker with a passion for the mountains and all the issues that are focused by that area.
     * Daniel Goldman - San Francisco bay area investor in social enterprises 
     * Darpan Majumdar- Working on a start up in the space of crowdfunding and microfinance called hopskot. Futurist- speaks on trends effecting our lives. Twitter: @darpanmajumdar 
     * Dhonam Namgyal - Heads up the Dharamshala wireless community network and does deployment for Air Jaldi. He also lives in TCV and helps out with theater management and other tasks there.
     * Freeman Murray - Started the Jaaga hackerspace in Bangalore and also created a live-in IT educational facility in a rural area outside of Bangalore. He's also a specialist at temporary structures.
     * Hari C M - Developer at Only Much Louder. 
     * HT - computer/technology intusiast, security centric paranoid but getting better. Nowadays looking for solutions for helping ourselves in a free or cheap way in our daily lives!
     * James Walker - A meddling 'murican in McLeod Ganj since 2001, in the self-appointed role of teacher of web development to the exile Tibetan community, sitting at Geek Room. Wicked fast with vi/m and gnu/bash. Twitter: @tometaxu
     * Jie - Research Assistant at MIT Media Lab and specialist in mixed media electronics, especially papercraft circuits.
     * John Griffin - Developer, London, UK. Interested in collaborating on something music related - I'm a mediocre guitarist and currently experimenting with OSC/Ableton.
     * Konarak Ratnakar - student, wannabe nerd, human.
     * krishnan: Run Srijan Techologies LLP here in D,sala and also help  with Vayudoot, a local Wireless n/w. We can help with setting up 'hack rooms', assist in running the  event, etc.
     * Krutikaa Jawanjal - Last year psychology student. Interested in openspaces and community.
     * Madhu Akula - Security specialist at central Tibetan gov.
     * Mikey Ginguld - Head of AirJaldi internet service provider in Dharamshala and rural broadband networks around India
     * [[user:nemo|nemo]] - (Abhay). Student at IIT Roorkee. 
     * Nick Farr - International man of mystery. Actually he runs Hackers on a Plane and helps with many hacker events including OHM (Open.Hack.Make) and H.O.P.E. in NYC. He also helps out with Burning Man and just about any other event I hear about. 
     * nkls - Urban gardening guy, greenhouse expert, wannabe hacker and tinkering weirdo  
     * Paulami Roy Choudhury - Artist/Interaction designer from Bangalore.
     * Prabhu Shiv Singh - works with Srijan Dhauladhar as a project lead. Geek by heart. Prabhu loves events - more so for tech events. Volunteered with DIFF 2013 and 14. Lives in Kacheri. Can also be caught in Ghoomakar - busy disturbing the other guys and sleeping with the dogs.
     * Phuntsok: I work as an ICT Coordinator at Tibetan Children's Village. I am happy to be on the list to learn how we can use technology to help the community.
     * Pradeep Mohandas, Wikipedia, space stuff, etc.
     * Prasanna Venkadesh - CS Under-Graduate. Free Software Activist with Free Software Movement of India. Building a community at Pondicherry. Loves to Code, tinker with Open hardware, have interest towards p2p & decentralized network models, Community building.
     * Pratyush: Founder of Ghoomakad/infinity hackbase in Dharamshala, designer at, also designs the DIFF and hopefully helps us designing hillhacks.
     * Rohan Jaswal - A computer science and engineering student at National Institute of Technology, Hamirpur (Himachal Pradesh).  
     * Rom/roaminguy: Full stack web developer, recently self-employed so I can travel around the world and meet/learn from other hackers who dream of building another hackbase.
     * Sandeep - UG at IIT Kanpur,Passionate about social entrepreneurship,loves mountains.
     * Smile - Entrepreneur, Designer. Cares about Digital Rights. Loves mountains.
     * Sobin George Thomas - Coding at Bit Brothers and Codeniti, an effort to build awesome opensource technology for govt and social sector.
     * Surya/egghead5pointer - Electronics geek with a interest in Product Design and engineering, Social Entrepreneurship 
     * sva - Part of CCC, part of Ghoomakad/Infinity and helps organize large events like the annual Chaos Congress and quadrennial Chaos Camp. Worked for in Bangalore last year.
     * Tenzing & Ritu - Organizers of the Dharamshala International Film Festival, Founders of White Crane Studios in Dharamshala
     * Tseten Dolkar - Founder of Tibetan I Tech and worked at TCRC, Central Tibetan Administration, in Dharamshala.
     * Tushar - Bootstrapper at Alphonso, fintech startup in Mumbai.
     * Tavish - Works with embedded systems at Baseapp systems in Delhi
     * Tink - circus geek based in Tokyo working on a programmable LED hula hoop with akiba.
     * Varun Rattan Singh - Has wide ranging interest in IT, Media, Agriculture and Arts. He was instrumental in setting up a popular news portal on Himachal ( in 2005. In 2011 he co-founded Srijan Dhauladhar Technologies, an IT services company in Dharamshala. And in 2013 setup Vayudoot, a broadband and leased line business which helps connect rural areas of Kangra with the Internet. Besides this Varun is helping with revival of Kangra miniature paintings (
     * Tummala Dhanvi (c0mrad3) Security Enthusiast, who Loves and Contributes to FREEdom software 

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